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6 Signs that You Already Need a Garage Door Repair

By Brett E. / June 22, 2018

Most garage doors need to be repaired without the owners even realizingYou use your garage door often, probably every day, and this frequent movement is a reason it could be failing. Unless you observe for signs, you may not get wind of any broken parts. It’s necessary to look for any weak parts that require maintenance or repairs to restore the functionality of the garage door.

To help you identify possible problems, here are some of the things you should consider that will indicate your garage door is due for repair:

1. Slow Response Time

To know if your garage door has problems opening, observe the time it takes for it to open. How well does it respond to your commands when you are opening it? Usually, the door should open or close in about two seconds after you press the opener. The process of closing or opening should also be smooth without delay or hitching. If you are experiencing a delay, get the door inspected for repairs.

2. The Door Does Not Close or Open

It’s frustrating to try and open a door that refuses to open. If this happens to your garage door, this is a sign it requires repair. You have different reasons for an incidence like this, including the terrible connection between the control panel and door. You could also have to replace garage door openers of the one installed has malfunctioned.

3. Sagging Sections

When you observe that the balance of your door is not perfect as required, it could be an indicator there is a problem that you have to solve. Disconnect the opener and manually operate the door to inspect if the door will rise or fall if brought up to the midway and released. Get it repaired by an expert if there are problems that need to be fixed.

4. The Door Makes Noises

Many old garage doors produce a lot of noise when they are being operated. Sometimes this could be noises from the hinges when they are not greased. But, you could also observe that the noise is coming from other parts except the hinges, which indicates the door itself has problems and requires repair.

5. Increased Energy Bills

Also, consider the amount of money you have been paying for energy over a specified period. If the energy bill has gone up abruptly, you could discover that the door is the cause. It means you will have to either repair it or find a more energy efficient replacement.

6. The Door is Off Tracks

Your garage door should be operated within tracks available on each side of the door. However, there are times when the door comes off the tracks, and this usually occurs if the door is not stable or is damaged. Some inspection could reveal the problem for the necessary repairs to be made.

Garage doors serve an essential purpose, and you should keep yours in perfect condition. Failure to repair your garage door on time might lead to heavy bills in replacement if it gets damaged entirely. Regularly inspect the door for problems closing and listen to any strange noises that might indicate there is a problem.

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