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6 Tips on How To Decorate A Child-Friendly Home!

By Brett E. / July 23, 2018

Having children does not always mean that your home should look scruffy and boring for the sake of keeping it safe. Most parents tend to think that it is impossible to decorate their homes with trendy pieces of art or have amazing décor ideas implemented in their homes while keeping in mind the safety of the children. Little ones are an integral part of every family, and that is why homes should be designed with child safety in mind.

With that said, here are 6 tips on how to decorate a child-friendly home:

1.) Have an Extra-wide Child Gate

With children involved, safety should be the number one priority. That is why it is recommended that you do not forget to have an extra wide child gate for your stairs and doorways as you decorate your home. They are designed to prevent children from treading on precarious places such as the staircase or the kitchen.

2.) Settle for Stain Repellent Fabrics

Stain Resistant FurnitureWe would not be stretching the truth if we said that children are not messy. They are. And irrespective of how cautious you are, it is inevitable that your young one will from time to time rub their soiled hands on your couch or curtains. That is why when decorating, stain repellent or cleanable fabrics should be your only choice. Fabrics like leather, velvet and Ultrasuede are pretty good options.

3.) Opt for Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs not only give a classy edge to your home, but also hide stain pretty well. They are also made from a soft material that is easy on your toddler’s skin, hence double up as a good play mat for them.

4.) Have Labelled Baskets to Keep Toys

Toys are a must have for every home with children. However, they are the greatest menace to the neatness of that home. That is why, when decorating it advisable that you formulate a toy storage system that will ensure that everything has a particular space it should occupy.

This enables children assist in cleaning up as they will know what to put in each basket once they are done playing.

5.) Use of Slipcovers

Furniture Slip CoversSlipcovers are awesome. They are used to cover couches, dining room chairs and any other piece of furniture that you would wish to protect against accidental spills. They are quite convenient because in the event of a spillage or even vomiting, all you need to do is pull it off, have it washed and put it back. Slipcovers are a must have if you want to keep your house both clean and free from very slippable spills. They can also leave your furniture looking as good as new.  I personally love Four Season Slipcovers because they offer so many colors and patterns!

6.) Decorate with Fake Plants and Flowers

Decorating your home with fake plants and flowers is safer compared to using real ones. This because, with fake plants and flowers, you do not have to worry about them being harmful in the event that your toddler nibbles on them. Although you ought to warn them against nibbling on the fake ones to avoid caking. Alternatively, keep them away from their reach.

Knowing what you know now, we know that decorating a home with kids is quite possible, and not at all that hard. All one needs to do is identify décor that is compatible with children. However, safety should be the number one priority, not the looks. With that said, however, though looks aren’t that high up the list, you can still put more thought into it without compromising safety if you know what to do.

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