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7 Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Windows on a Budget!

By Brett E. / May 5, 2018

Keeping the place you live looking and feeling fresh is something many of us can’t help but think about in this era ruled by instagram and Pinterest. This is why you will unsurprisingly get tired of those old curtains you never got around to replacing when you first moved in – or maybe you never got around to putting any up and often look at your boring, bare window panes and tell yourself you must get around to adding that splash of colour or design. And why haven’t you gotten around to it yet? There are various ways to dress up your windows – shutters, blinds, drapes, shades – we’re spoilt for choice for ways to personalize our rooms! But on a budget, getting hold of custom window treatments that fit our space as well as our individual tastes can be tricky. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and discuss some of the creative ways to add some personal touches without breaking the bank:

1. Think of Decorative Clings

dress up your windowsNot all homeowners will be down for the traditional curtains option, and the more modern option of blinds can also prove expensive and fiddly to fit at times. The best option in such a case would be to opt for decorative window clings or films, which suction onto a plain window for best results. The best thing about using such clings is that there are different types, such as stained glass clings and more, which will make it easier for you to achieve a high-end elegant look, at an affordable price. You can always take off such clings just in case you’re thinking of selling your home or redecorating it regularly to move with the trends – perfect if you’re renting too!

2. Adding Texture with Burlap

Another creative way to complete your custom window installation would be to add a burlap valance which, with its natural oat color, can ground a curtain with a bold pattern. You can use fabric glue or alternatively sew the decorative trim onto the burlap raw edge, then hang the curtain panels and burlap using curtain clips.

3. Make Use of a Throw

You may also opt for a wool or fleece throw for your window treatments. All you need to get the job done is to make a valance out of the edge of a throw by folding the edge, attach clips to the edge’s top, then hang.

4. Using Pillowcase Turned Shades

If you’re willing to get crafty, you can also use a pillowcase and ribbon to improve the look of your window. To do this, you’ll need to get a pillowcase, get rid of the seams, then press flat. After that, cut the case so that it’s of a fitting size, then fuse the hems. The ribbon can then be fused down the center of the shade, and the room looks better after that. Keep in mind, though, that you have to use materials that will be washable. This is a cheap way on making your own blackout curtains!

5. Install Grommets

Homeowners could also add grommets to make their windows look better than they are. To get going, purchase grommets which come in a kit containing 10 grommets. For the installation, make a small hole in the fabric, get both the pieces of the grommet in the hole, and then press them together using the tool available in the kit.

6. Add Satin Draperies

Satin draperies will help a lot when it comes to coordination of colors in a room so that a room looks more stylish. The main thing that such an installation will do is help you match your curtains to the color scheme of the room. For the installation, you’ll have to cut the curtain panels into two, then place a coordinating color strip in the middle, and sew the three together.

7. Use Bows and Ribbons

You can use good-looking ribbon bows with coordinating stripes to make your plain draperies look better. For this installation, use the coordinating ribbons to make simple two-toned bows, which should be attached to the pleats at the top. After attaching the bows to each pleat, then add the ribbon to the bottom of the panel for decoration using fabric glue or fusible web.

So there you have it! Above are some of the most creative ways to add extra beauty to your rooms and reclaim their lost glory. The best thing about these ideas is that they are more affordable than buying custom window installations meant to achieve similar results. Using these ideas you can look at those window spaces smugly and enjoy how they now not only reflect your style, but also your new money saving skills.

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