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7 Innovative Solutions For Keeping Your Home Safe!

By Brett E. / July 5, 2018

Keeping yourself, family and property safe is one of the most important roles you have as a homeowner. Because of tough economic times, crime rates are on the rise, and a weak security system in your home can make you especially prone to intrusion. As technology advances, burglars are finding more sophisticated ways of launching their attacks.

Below are helpful solutions to get you started.

1. Video Surveillance

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the most common surveillance method employed for your homes, and it can be used effectively regardless of size. CCTV cameras may have a number of extra features for improved surveillance e.g. motion detectors, facial/license plate recognition, night vision, and lighting. The video quality is of paramount importance, as is finding ways to cost-effectively review footage, particularly for larger businesses. Video analytical programs can be employed for monitoring to reduce the number of security staff needed for monitoring. You can get quality cameras at Vdashcam.com for all your video surveillance.

2. Alarm Systems

Burglar/intruder alarms are designed to detect intrusion in your premises and can be programmed to notify authorities in addition to producing audible sound. There are different mechanisms of action, including motion detection, audio detection, photoelectric beam sensors and hermetically-sealed switches among others. These sensors transmit signals to on-site or offsite control units where certain actions are triggered. Loud alarms can draw attention to the break-in, while silent alarms will bring law-enforcement agents without alerting the intruder so that they can be caught.

3. Perimeter Security

Home Security FenceThe area around your home should be cordoned off using strong walls. Fences and/or gates. These may be fortified by adding perimeter monitoring systems like infrared beams, motion detectors, bollards etc. access control systems should be installed at the entry points. Remember to factor in surveillance, particularly of areas hidden from direct sight by trees and other obstacles.

4. Fire Emergency Plans

Fire emergency plans are an important part of disaster preparedness. Every home should have a response system in place that includes required fire safety equipment in the right places and family members taught how to respond to fire incidents when they happen. Also, have written emergency numbers at places where anyone is at reach to ask for help in case there is a fire.

5. Install High-Security Locks

Installing high-security cylinder locks such as key-operated two-cylinder deadbolt lock types can make your home completely bump-proof. You can talk to a certified locksmith about lock types and the best option for your house according to the required security levels and budget.

Consider replacing your locks with non-tumbler such as electronic/magnetic locks or rotating disk locks. Electronic locks use electric currents for locking and unlocking through a complex interplay of motors, solenoids, and magnets. For additional security, you can connect your electronic lock to an access control point.

6. Rekeying and Modifying Existing Locks

Changing LocksThis is an affordable way to increase your locks security. You can get a certified locksmith to add security pins to your existing cylinder locks for a fraction of the cost of complete replacement. This increases the level of resistance to a bump key, making it a lot more difficult for a potential intruder. This alone can be enough to deter them since most intruders rely on stealth and speed to pick their targets – making it hard for them to come in can be enough to get them to leave and pick an easier target.

7. Install Metal Bars on Doors

Metal bars can offer one-sided and second-line protection against attempts to use force to break a door. Your doors to the exterior should be installed such that they open outward, rather than inward. This would make it difficult for someone trying to kick down the door/use a heavy object to knock it down to gain entry. Installing metal bars simply provides additional security to the door.

Keeping your home and the people around it safe will give you peace of mind. It is important to make sure you do all is in your power to secure your home. Do a good research on what is workable for you depending on the location of your home and get security systems that are within your budget.

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