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7 Must-Have Tools for Your DIY Home Improvement Projects!

By Brett E. / July 20, 2018

Any home improvement project much more complicated than changing a light bulb will require a special tool or two, at least. The actual tools you need for the job are unique to the tasks, but there are a few tools that have so many possible uses that they can be called must-have tools. Near the top of this list is the air-compressor, an underrated part of any DIY workshop that gives you the power to sand, spray, nail, and operate powerful pneumatic tools with one device.

1. Nail It Down:

Nail GunAnytime your home improvement project involves attaching things together or building anything, you are likely to be using a lot of nails or fasteners. With a nail gun attached to your compressor, simply aim and shoot to securely place nails just where you need them. If the noise that compressors create is a big concern in your home workshop, use this if you don’t want something loud.

2. Hammer:

Although it is true that you do most nailing with the nail gun, a high-quality 16 oz. claw hammer has so many uses around the shop it is an absolute must-have. From pulling old nails to ripping out walls, a hammer doesn’t just do nails.

3. Measure Up:

Technology has caught up with the need to get accurate measurements. Use a laser measuring device rather than an old-fashioned tape measure for ease of measuring (especially for one person) over distances that fit within a room or larger.

4. Safety First:

Safety GlassesHome renovations and repairs involve dust, flying projectiles, and power tools that can generate some powerful noise. Have an extra pair or two of safety glasses and hearing protection around the shop. Also, remember to protect your breathing — use a mask or respirator when working with fine particles or noxious chemicals.

5. Power Drill:

A good quality reversible drill gets a lot of little jobs done well, with a selection of drill bits for different materials. Fit it out with screwdriver bits and you can use your drill to quickly attach things to each other, or unscrew a lot of fasteners, quickly.

6. On the Level:

Modern laser technology has taken another classic workshop tool to the next “level.” Use an electronic device that projects a beam of light to indicate a level line, vertically or horizontally.

7. Light It Up:

Most home improvement projects can benefit from more light. From a headlamp that lets you direct a strong beam of light right in front of you to floor lights or mounted floodlights, your project will benefit from more illumination. Unless you are outside in full daylight, extra light will help you work safer and more accurately, no matter what the task.

Whatever your project, review your home improvement task list to find tools and techniques that can help you make your work more efficient and effective. Whether your must-have list starts with an air compressor to run a variety of tools, better lighting to illuminate your work, or electronic measuring devices, your results usually get better as your tools improve.

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