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7 Ways To Keep Your Carpets Clean: Remove Stains and Odors!

By Brett E. / May 14, 2018

While a carpet adds a cosy and warm feel to a home, it also provides an inherent elegance. However, they get dirty very quickly and cleaning them can prove to be an uphill task. The cleanliness of the carpet is determined mainly by the cleaning methods employed by the owner and as well as their daily habits. Routine cleaning helps to maintain the quality and the lifespan of the carpet. How do you keep it vibrant as ever? Just follow these 7 habits around your home and keep your carpets looking clean and fresh.

1. Doormats

Invest in quality doormats to limit the amount of dirt that enters your house. Place a doormat at every entrance, and wipe your shoes before entering the house. For extra protection, you can purchase one of the antimicrobial doormats to keep your home protected from germs. It is advisable to have two or one at each entrance.

2. Keep It Spot Free

The best way to prolong the life of your carpet is to immediately get it rid of stains. If you drop something or see a footprint, quickly take action and clean it out before it sticks. The longer you ignore the stain, the harder it will be to clean once it sticks permanently. Be vigilant about the type of cleaning product you use. Different stains have different cleaning requirements.


3. Make Your Home a No-Shoe Zone.

Practice and preach the habit of taking of your shoes when entering the house. This prevents dirt and germs from getting way in your home and messing up your carpets and rugs. Place a stylish chair and shoe rack to facilitate your guests in taking off their shoes. If you are not comfortable in walking around the house without shoes, then designate a house shoe. Make sure to not use it outdoor. This will keep your carpet clean and germ free.

4. Professionally Cleaned.

Keep Your Carpets CleanIf you have a family gathering, occasion, or party at your house, get your carpets cleaned. By having it professionally cleaned once or twice a year, you can maintain its quality and lifespan. A professional cleaner would know how to handle the equipment and save you from wrinkling or moulding your carpet. One of the best cleaning companies that is best suited for this job is the carpet cleaning in Long Island. This company specializes in professionally cleaning of carpets and rugs at extremely pocket-friendly price.

5. Invest In A Good Vacuum Cleaner

You need to be equipped with the right appliance in order to keep your carpets clean. If your house has small rugs, a small vacuum cleaner will be sufficient for your cleaning needs. If your entire house is carpeted, you’re going to need to invest in a vacuum cleaner with good suction capacity.

6. Vacuum In Intervals

The recommended amount of vacuuming for a carpet is twice a week. Make sure you cover all spots by vacuuming in all directions. The frequency of vacuuming is highly dependent on the foot-traffic of your home. If your carpet sustains a lot of dirt in one day, then it might need frequent cleaning.

7. Switch It Up

Cleaning Your CarpetCarpets and rugs wear out due to frequent use; you can keep them fresh by alternating between two pieces. This will not only provide you clean carpets but also revamp the look of your house.

The cleanliness of the carpet will be highly dependent on how the above habits are practised. In addition, homeowners should limit the amount of deodorizer they use on their carpets. It might smell wonderful, but the powder settles down in the crevices of the carpets and puts an additional burden on your vacuum. Also, steaming up of your carpet is not a good practice. People may think that they are enhancing the lifespan of their carpet by steaming it monthly but they are wrong. Steaming normally damages the material used to make the carpets and sometimes they may cause wrinkles.

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