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9 Bathroom Renovation Tips you Can’t Miss Out On

By Brett E. / June 22, 2018

the best bathroom renovations that are in styleIf you are thinking to renovate your bathroom, the right time is now. If you are planning to stay in your house, why stuck with an old-fashioned, outdated bathroom and if you are planning to move soon, remodeling your bathroom will increase the value of your home.

Here are 9 important tips you should keep in mind before doing the bathroom remodel.

Consider your Lifestyle

Marble floor in bathrooms look very classy, but they also require careful upkeep and maintenance. Using harsh chemicals on this type of floor is a big no and would ruin its look too soon. So make sure whether the person using the bathroom will be able to take care of the Sam in a proper manner. If your bathroom is an area of high humidity or mostly kids use it, it is best that for the bathroom floor you go for ceramics.

Determine your Budget

Usually, when it comes to home renovation, people can’t put a tap on the expenses and spend a lot more they can afford. That’s not going to help anyone. Decide upon your budget and stick to it. Even though it seems like bathroom renovations are expensive, the truth is you can achieve a high-end result without burning a hole in your pocket. However there are some areas where using cheap materials and fittings just don’t work, and one must be wary of it.

Choosing your Mirror

The mirror is one of the most important parts of any bathroom. Also choosing the right mirror determines the overall look of that space. For creating a balanced look, the size of the mirror should be compared with that of the vanity. It is important to decide beforehand whether you want double or single vanity units.

Choose the Right Vanity Units

Vanity units provide a practical and stylish solution to your storage problems and should be bought carefully. And if you are perplexed on how to choose your vanity unit, we are here to help. The vanity unit should not only look stylish but also suit your storage needs. Therefore before buying one, decide upon your bathroom storage needs. Also, measure the space that you have in your bathroom where you have decided to install the vanity unit and then buy one according to the measurements.

Call an Expert

DIY bathroom renovations only sound good in theory, they are not a practical solution. Bathroom renovation requires the work of an expert unless you want to end up with something sloppy and unsatisfactory. An expert will also do work according to your budget and provide you advice accordingly. They will also help you in avoiding expensive mistakes. Even if it’s a small scale renovation, consulting a professional is the right idea.

Right Lighting

You want your bathroom to be clean and bright, therefore installing proper lighting is very important. Recessed lighting is important along with ceiling lighting. Also, light up your vanity units with some fixtures or scones. You can also hang a chandelier for visual appeal but that shouldn’t be the main source of lighting.

Make your Space Green

Add color to your bathroom by bringing in a few plants. Bathrooms have a high level of humidity and it is good for the plants. You can grow plants like orchids, air plants, and spider plants. Also to save up space, you can use modular planters or pots on the wall.

Adequate Ventilation

Adequate ventilation in bathrooms is essential for preventing the build-up of humidity which in turn could lead to the growth of molds. Make sure there are windows present for cross ventilation. Also, you can install an exhaust fan to do this work for you. Too much moisture and humidity can also affect the bathroom floor and therefore it’s important to control it.

Deciding Upon the Bathroom Door

A hinged door can take lots of space in your bathroom and hence if you got a small bathroom, it’s better to get a sliding door. For a cleaner and more sophisticated look, you can let the sliding door hide in a wall cavity. Another good option is the pocket doors which save space too by not swinging open but sliding into the wall. For style these days, people are opting for the frosted glass doors. They give a spacious look and also come in various styles.

Renovating a bathroom is a difficult task as it comprises different elements from plumbing to aesthetics to right flooring. But with proper planning, help from experts and quality materials, your renovated bathroom can change the look of your home and make it more stylish.

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