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Asbestos and Why Your Property Should Be Free From It!

By Brett E. / June 3, 2018

Even though many people know that asbestos is harmful to health, many do not realize its presence. It still exists in many households and buildings. It is important to know about the harmful effects of asbestos to take precautions against it. It is a deadly toxin that could ruin the health.

Here are 5 reasons why your property should be free from asbestos :

1. Friable Asbestos is dangerous

AsbestosFriable asbestos becomes crumbled and pulverized with hand pressure. When asbestos is friable, it can become airborne and cause damage to the person who inhales air around it. Friable asbestos includes fibrous, fluffy material used in the insulation. It could also be used for soundproofing or fire-proofing. The hard asbestos sheets used as roofs or floor tiles are not dangerous. It becomes so when you drill the sheet or disturb the fibers in any way. While renovating your property, consult a professional asbestos removal company. Many companies like Ferro Canada – asbestos removal company offer reliable services. It is dangerous to try to DIY asbestos removal as it poses a risk of contamination and exposure.

2. Being aware of asbestos is important

Many products available in the market has asbestos. It is legal to use asbestos in many places including the USA. The asbestos products are used in construction companies to make heat-resistant products. They include the acoustic insulator, thermal insulator, fire-proof materials,and building materials.

Many modern products also have asbestos some of them are:

  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Vinyl Sheet Flooring
  • Electrical Wiring Insulator
  • Acoustical Plaster
  • For Caulking
  • For Spackling
  • As Adhesives
  • Fire Blankets
  • Elevator Panels

3. Exposure to asbestos does not give immediate illness

When you are in an asbestos prone environment, you may find no difference. There would be no instant illness that could suggest that asbestos is the reason. The longer that you get exposed to asbestos, you have a higher risk for the illness.

The two most common diseases caused by asbestos exposure are:

  • 1. Mesothelioma – This rare cancer causes a tumor that spreads around the lungs. Exposure to asbestos is the main reason for this cancer. It roughly takes 30 to 40 years for cancer to develop in the body making it hard to detect.
  • 2. Asbestosis – Although it is non-carcinogenic, it is a chronic and fatal respiratory disease. It causes pain and scarring in the lungs leading to heart problems as well.

4. Once inhaled or ingested, Asbestos stays in the body

Asbestos RespiratorMany toxins can get flushed from the body. Unfortunately, asbestos cannot be. The fibers are microscopic and can slip the natural filtration of the lungs. The carcinogen then affects the layers around the lungs and chest cavity. The only way to be safe is to wear protective masks and respiratory equipment.

5. Asbestos is still mined

Asbestos is a commodity in countries like China, India, Greece, Russia, Canada,and Italy. It is cheaper than most substances used for construction making it common. Asbestos is widely used and marketed in spite of its hazardous effects.

Asbestos is harmful to the health regardless of its nature. Inhaling asbestos raises the chance of cancer as well as other health issues. The worst part is that you would not be able to detect that you are affected even for a couple of years. Once you know that your building or property has asbestos, it is advisable to remove it as soon as possible. Although asbestos is still mined and used in different parts of the world, using it is quite risky.

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