Best Bamboo Sheets

By admin / September 24, 2016

The Best Bamboo Sheets Review

When I say Bamboo sheets and bamboo bedding, I bet many of you will be a little bit confused.  I know when I think of bamboo I immediately think of a big friendly panda bear eating bamboo.  But I will show you why bamboo sheets are so incredible!  And what the best bamboo sheets are!

Best Bamboo Sheets Review

The Best Bamboo Sheets Review

So how are these the “panda food” used to make bed sheets?  Well I will tell you!

Bamboo has recently been discovered to be able to be spun into bedding and bed sheets that will provide you with the most comfortable product you will ever purchase!  

In this post I will explain to you why bamboo is the best material for your bed at home, as well as I will go into great detailing explaining to you, what the best bamboo sheets are!  

So without further ado!  Let’s get started on the best bamboo sheets review!

Bamboo Sheets Review:

ImageProduct NameMaterialPrice ($-$$$$$)Review Rating
Best Bamboo Sheets

Royal Hill Bamboo Sheets

Royal Hotel - 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheets100% Rayon Bamboo$$$9.5/10
Best Bamboo Sheets

Cariloha is one of the best bamboo sheets producer!

Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Sheets100% Viscose Bamboo$$$$9.5/10
Best Bamboo Sheets

Linenspa produces some of the best bamboo sheets!

LINENSPA Ultra Soft Luxury 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheets100% Rayon Bamboo$$$8.5/10
Best Bamboo Sheets

Zen Bamboo produces some of the best bamboo sheets on the market

Zen Bamboo - Luxury Bamboo SheetsMicro-fiber Rayon Bamboo$$8.0/10
Best Bamboo Sheets

Cosy House Collection Creates amazing bamboo sheets for cheap

Cosy House Collection - Soft Bamboo SheetsMicro-fiber Rayon Bamboo$$7.5/10

There always comes a time when you must decide that it will be beneficial to purchase a new set of bed sheets.  As bed sheets are often considered to be one of the main contributors when it comes to how comfortable your bed is!

I know when i decided it was time to make a change, it was a daunting challenge.  I, like everyone else, wants to have the very best sleep every night.  I understand how important sleep is.  And then i figured out how important bed sheets are to getting the best sleep possible!

Sheets are the bread and butter of your bed!  Many people believe that the mattress is the most important component when it comes to your bed.  But the sheets are the heart of your bed!

The Sheets are the first contact between yourself and your bed!

So What Makes Bamboo Sheets The Best Sheet?

You may have never heard of bamboo sheets and bamboo bedding, or maybe you already know a lot about it.  But spun bamboo will provide you with the softest and most comfortable bedding on the market.  

Bamboo sheets and bamboo bedding has been all the rave around the world!  It started in Southeast Asia and has slowly made its way around the world!  Ever since around ten years ago, nearly every high end hotel and estates in Europe have used bamboo sheets on all of their beds!  Bamboo Sheets provide the bed with the softest feel humanly possible!

Bamboo is an abundant crop in certain countries, and it took awhile for farmers to figure out what to do with all of this crop.  And then one day someone figured out that it can be spun and used to design fabrics.  And these fabrics were incredibly, incredibly soft!

It is nearly impossible to describe how soft these bed sheets are if you have never touched it before!  These sheets are softer than any silk and will provide the owner with the most comfortable bedding imaginable!

These sheets not only provide the customer with the softest and most comfortable sleeping experience.  These sheets also provide you with a stain-proof material!  Bamboo sheets are spun and strung in a physically abundant way that makes it virtually impossible for anything to stain your bed sheet.  

Bamboo sheets are great and another incredibly popular feature that these sheets provide is a heating and cooling like no other bed sheet!  These luxurious bed sheets are “Body Temperature Preferable”.  Which is a fancy way of saying that it allows you to sleep at a comfortable temperature!  If you are usually very warm while sleeping you will sleep cool and relaxed with these sheets.  If you are usually cold and uncomfortable while you sleep, you will sleep warm and comfortable with these bamboo bed sheets!

Best Bamboo Sheets Review

This is an example of a set of luxury bamboo sheets in a five star hotel in Europe!

A Quick Bamboo Sheets Review:

I know a lot of customers are in a hurry and want the information they are looking for as soon as possible!  So below I have provided the customers with a quick bullet list that will show the benefits of sleeping with a bamboo sheet!

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

    • Bamboo Sheets are The Softest bed sheets on the market!
      • Softer than any silk or cotton bed sheets!
    • The sheets are Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial!
      • Mildew and mold resistant which provides an non-itch feel!
    • These bamboo sheets are eco-friendly!
      • These sheets are chemical and pesticide free during production, which means that it is incredibly healthy for the environment compared to nearly every other type of bed sheet on the market!
    • Stain Resistant Bed Sheets!
    • Bamboo Sheets are incredibly durable and easy to take care of!
      • For most luxury bedding material, it is incredibly difficult to wash and maintain.  However, bamboo sheets are able to be machine washed and dried.  Which makes it incredibly easy to take care of.

Royal Hotel – 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheets Review:

Royal Hotel is one of the big players in the bamboo bedding industry.  And for a reason.  Their products are amazing!  They manufacture and sell products from bamboo sheets, bamboo comforters, to even bamboo pillows!  And they have a very large, and loyal customer following.

Royal Hotel has been around for years, and they have been one of the first companies to learn about creating bedding out of this material, and they have been pioneering it ever since!

These bamboo bed sheets are one of the best bamboo sheets on the market in 2016.  Period.  It is as simple as that.  These sheets are made of 100 percent Rayon Bamboo which provides it with the softest fabric possible.  This material has even been rated as the softest fabric in the world by many sources.

Many people have never experienced a material other than silk or cotton for their bedding, and the days of silk and cotton bed sheets is long gone.  Bamboo provides the owner with a much, much softer material than silk or cotton can provide.

These rayon bamboo sheets are extremely adequate for all temperatures and will provide everyone with a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Other than just how soft and comfortable these sheets are, they are also great for people with allergies because they are 100 percent hypoallergenic, unlike many different kinds of cotton or silk bed sheets.  These sheets will not bother your allergies or sensitive skin because of the bamboo material.  Also these bamboo bed sheets are designed and manufactured without any chemicals which provides the bed sheet with a softer and safer feel for people with chemical sensitivities.

And to top it all off, these sheets are incredibly east to maintain and clean!  Many people would believe that with fancy bed sheets like these you would have to have them professionally washed and maintained, but to the surprise of many people.  You can machine wash these bed sheets in cold water!  And these sheets will come out brand new every single time!

Best Bamboo Sheets Review

Royal Hotel is one of the pioneers of creating bamboo sheets.

The Pros Of Royal Hotel – 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheets:

  • 100 Percent Rayon Bamboo!  Which makes this product incredibly, incredibly soft!
    • This set of bamboo sheets is guaranteed to be softer than any silk or cotton bed sheets that you have ever tried!
  • This bed sheet is amazing for every single temperature!
    • This bed sheet will provide you with an amazingly comfortable sleep no matter what the temperature.  If you are a warm sleeper you will sleep comfortable and cool.  If you usually sleep cold then you will be comfortable and warm while you sleep with these bed sheets.
  • Allergy and chemical free bed sheets!  These 100 percent rayon bamboo bed sheets are manufactured and created in an Eco-friendly way that provides the customer with an hypoallergenic and chemical free experience.
  • Incredibly easy to take care of and to maintain!  Many people will be shocked to find out that these luxurious bed sheets are actually incredibly easy to maintain.  These bed sheets are able to be machine washed at home without damaging the products.  You don’t have to take them to a professional dry cleaner in order to protect the material.  You can just wash them at home!
  • The Royal Hotel – 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheets is one of the best bamboo sheets in 2016!

The Cons Of Royal Hotel – 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheets:

  • I have seen reviews of people who said they couldn’t find these bed sheets in stores.  And I haven’t seen these kinds of sheets in many stores but a couple smaller local stores, however my solution to this is that you can find them for a better deal online!  Ordering them online is much easier, cheaper, and will allow you to pick which color you think will match your bedroom the best!

The Final Verdict Of The Royal Hotel – 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheets:

These sheets are literally AMAZING!  This bed sheet set is the best bamboo sheets of 2016.  There is only one true competitor when it comes to high quality, luxurious bamboo sheets and that is the next product set that I am going to review, The Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Sheets.  But the Royal Hotel bamboo sheets are in my mind one of the greatest bedding products that have ever been created.  It was near impossible to make a list of Cons for this product because I really couldn’t think of anything that would make this a bad product. I would give this product a 9.5/10!

Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Sheets Review:

The Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Sheets are the only bamboo sheets that I believe can be compared to the Royal Hotel Bamboo sheets in terms of material quality, effectiveness, and just overall product quality!  These two products are incredibly high quality and they are unmatched by their competitors.  There are many, many different brands that are selling bamboo sheets and bamboo bedding these days.  And I have personally not tried every single different set of sheets, but I have personally tried many of these different sheets as well as talked to many people who have used these other sheets.  And the Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Sheets and the Royal Hotel – 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheets are both the best bamboo sheets in the year 2016.  There aren’t any other sets of bamboo sheets that compare to these two!

Cariloha Best Bamboo Sheets review

Cariloha produces amazing bamboo sheets

These Cariloha Bamboo Sheets are made out of 100% Viscose Bamboo which provides it with an amazing all natural feel that will provide you with an incredibly comfortable bed sheet!  These sheets along with the Royal Hill Bamboo Sheets will provide you with the softest bed sheets on the market.  I have never even felt a material as soft as these two bed sheets.  I can’t even describe how soft these bed sheets are.

For more information about Carlioha check out their website!  Cariloha

Along with the incredibly soft material, these Cariloha bamboo sheets are extremely breathable!  These sheets compared to popular cotton sheets are considered more breathable and provide the user with a three degrees cooler sleep than popular cotton and silk bed sheets!

Pros Of The Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Sheets:

  • Cariloha is a brand you can trust!  They have been one of the initial creators of bamboo bedding since its origin.  If you are worried about whether or not you can trust this manufacture, I promise you that you can!  I personally vouch for how incredible these bamboo sheets are!
  • Cariloha produces one of the softest bed sheets in the whole world!  They have been producing these bamboo sheets for years and they are incredible!  I can’t even put into words how impressive these bed sheets are!  These bed sheets as well as the Royal Hotel bamboo sheets are the two softest sheets on the market!
  • These sheets are 100% hypoallergenic and anti-chemical!  I am someone who has had problems with allergies through out my whole life.  And I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to be able to find such a high quality set of bed sheets that also wouldn’t bother my allergies!  These are some of the best bamboo sheets on the market!
  • The sheets are nearly “unbreakable”!!  I have been incredibly unjust to these sheets and I have tracked mud and grime on to these sheets.  I have balled these sheets up and machine washed these sheets.  And I have even spilt wine on these sheets.  And after a nice machine wash these bamboo sheets have never looked better!  These sheets are incredibly durable and very hard to damage!  These sheets will last you a long time!!
  • These sheets are just amazing!  There isn’t anyone other way to say this, these sheets are just awesome!  Along with the Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets, there aren’t any other bed sheets that I will ever use again!  The problem is, both of these sets of sheets are so amazing I never know which one to use so I usually just switch between the two every couple weeks or so.

The Cons Of The Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Sheets:

  • These sheets are not some cheap, low quality bed sheets.  These are high quality bamboo bed sheets.  Some of the very best bamboo sheets!  Which means these aren’t the cheapest bed sheets.  They aren’t incredibly over priced, but you get what you pay for!  You are paying for an incredibly high quality product, so you have to pay for that product.  These aren’t the fake bamboo sheets that you will often see online.  These are incredibly real and high quality bamboo bed sheets!

The Final Verdict Of The Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Sheets:

Like I have said many times before, the Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Sheets are amazing.  These sheets will provide you with the softest and most comfortable sleep that you have ever had!  These sheets are one of the best bamboo sheets on the market!  If I was going to buy a brand new set of bed sheets the only two sets that I would think about would be the Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Sheets or the Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets!  Those are the two best bed sheets in 2016!  I would give these bamboo bed sheets a rating of 9.5/10!

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