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The Best Tools for Your Home Woodworking Projects 2018

By Brett E. / May 11, 2018

If you are a DIY woodworker, there are those tools that you must have at home for making your work easy and enabling you to work fast. There are different wood tools which are versatile since they can be used for making different shapes, and cuts on the wood, and are efficient when it comes to working. Meaning, these tools allow you to work efficiently without wasting your materials and takes less time to work as well.

The list of woodworking tools is endless but, below are top best tools that you must have for your home woodworking projects:

• Power jointer and thickness planer

These are two powerful tools which make it easy for you to work with any form of lumber. The power jointer is essential for flattening and squaring up the edges of any rough lumber. Then the thickness planer performs the same task whereby it ensures the second phase of the straightened lumbar equals to the fast one. Both of the tools are powered by electric which makes the work to be fast and comfortable as compared to when working with manual tools.

• Circular saw

There are wide varieties of saws on the market, but there is no other type that can beat the circular saw when it comes to cutting different materials.

This kind of saw is equipped with a sharp blade and a powerful motor which makes it possible to cut coarse objects, and also cut various wood chunks to different sizes and shapes. So, this is a versatile woodwork device that you will always need due to its versatility and efficiency too.

• A tape measure

A tape measure falls into the category of the best small tools for your woodwork. This is a tool that is used even before you start to make any cuts on your lumbers. For example, if you are making a cabinet or a table, a tape measure will be used to measure the dimensions of the woods required to make the table. So, it is the most used tool for your wood projects.

• A working bench

A good working bench is vital as it allows you to work for long and in a comfortable body angle. So, invest in a long, wide bench and make sure it has clumps for holding your materials firmly when making cuts or shapes. There are working benches that are sold ready-made, and they come with adjustable heights which makes it possible for different users to set the working bench to a comfortable height.

•Bandsaw and scroll saw

The list of woodworking saws are endless, and band saw and scroll saw add to the list.When we narrow down to the bandsaw vs scroll saw comparison, how do you choose the best saw between these two? The two saws perform the same job which is cutting wood, but they differ in the way they cut. How?

  • Bandsaw

This type of saw is designed with a long blade which works by moving across two powerful wheels. The bandsaw is mainly used for making straight cuts on a thick chunk of wood, although it can still be used on slim wood chunks once the blade is adjusted.

  • Scroll saw

The scroll saw blade is tightened by a tension and it moves in an up and down motion when working. It is the best tool for making shapes and designs on the wood being used. It is also easy to adjust in the case where you want to make pierce cuts on the wood.

If you plan to start up a small carpentry shop in your home, having the right tools will make your work easy and efficient even if you are a beginner. Get the above-discussed tools to get you started and make sure to buy them from a reliable dealer to ensure the quality of the tools.

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