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The History of Shabby Chic Furniture!

By Brett E. / November 13, 2017

Origininating in Great Britain mainly, Shabby Chic Furniture is an exciting type of decoration that brings together old styles with new traditions.  From its main creation in the 1980's it has grown and has become a major furniture staple in many peoples homes.  

I personally was introduced to Shabby Chic furniture when I was in my teens when I went to visit my grandparents in the Midwest.  They owned a one hundred year farm.  In the surrounding area of their farm they had a handful of friends who lived in the same area, and some of them had some really great furniture.  We were lucky enough to be given a tour of a few farms in the area and we really saw some amazing pieces.  There were some pieces that really blew my mind.  These sofas and dressers may have been one hundred years old but they looked brilliant!  They had their signs of wear and tear but it was all done in a natural and beautiful way that really added to the ambiance of the pieces.  

Along with this, I saw some extremely old pieces that were around before Shabby Chic furniture ever existed, and then we saw some that were purposefully made in the last few years to recreate this extraordinary style.  Overall I enjoyed every minute of seeing these pieces of furniture in their natural environment and it really made me a fan for the  rest of my life.

What is Shabby Chic Furniture?

As mentioned earlier, Shabby Chic Furniture originated in Great Britain in 1980's and since has traveled to the West Coast of the United States.  Shabby Chic is generally thought of as the type of furniture you would find in older, country, farmhouses.  This includes the worn and faded design while still being in good physical condition.  The overall goal of this type of furniture is to achieve a level of elegance through this old fashion and worn style.  Shabby Chic is often considered a work of art by many, and it truly is beautiful to see a home designed around these pieces of furniture.   The old fashioned style is similar to Haverty furniture style.

Along with their Great Britain roots, Shabby Chic has taken some aspects from Mediterranean and Tuscan styles as well.  This helps to give it an elegant and flavorful feel.

Examples of Shabby Chic Furniture

Because Shabby Chic is really quite beautiful, I can literally look at different pieces all day.  That being said, I have gathered some great examples below to really show you the beauty of Shabby Chic furniture.  I have gathered these examples from all over the internet and from multiple different countries.  This really goes to show just how international this type of furniture has become.  

Shabby Chic
Shabby Chic Furniture

Overall I definitely suggest you take a look at Shabby Chic as they can really spice up your ambiance of your home.  There are hundreds of different types of pieces available in this style and they have pieces that can fit in any room or style.

This type of historic furniture really adds to the artist view of your home and it is amazing for any one who is looking for a rural style while keeping some lavish style.  If you are looking to purchase these pieces then I suggest you find a reputable deal that is within close geographic distance to you, because there can always be issues shipping furniture internationally.

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