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A Quick and Easy Step by Step Guide to Painting Your House!

By Brett E. / February 6, 2018

Painting your house is a huge task and knowing how to accomplish this job can be challenging. There are different steps that people can take to paint their homes. The following material will describe the basic things you can do to add color and style.

A List of Supplies

You will need certain supplies to paint your home. These supplies such as rollers, roller sticks, paint brushes, tarps, plastic, edging tools, scrapers and paint are the basic things you will need. You should also get a very tall ladder and some average size ladders to paint the elevated areas on your home. A sander and a paint sprayer will also be a good idea as well. If you use these two types of equipment you might need lots of extension cords to plug them up.

Make Sure you Plan Everything out in Advance

Plan out everything in advance. This is important for maximizing your job and for saving time. Once you have a general plan for painting your house you will be able to effectively paint it. Remember to complete each side as you go. You should work from top to bottom and complete a side before you move on to the next side.

Safety Matters when Painting your Home

The average house is between 20 to 30 feet tall. Please be careful when you are painting your home. Take your time so that you do not endanger yourself when painting high up in the air. You should also think about getting a spray mask to cover your face and some goggles for your eyes if you decide to use a paint sprayer. This will keep paint and fumes from getting into your orifice. You can also adapt these rules for interior paint jobs.

Painting the Exterior and the Interior

Exterior paint jobs will require you to complete one side of a home before you move on to the next area. When it comes to the interior you will need to perform some different techniques. Take the furniture out of a room and then remove fixtures from a wall. Once the room is completely empty lay down tarp or plastic to protect the floor.  Along with this, you will need to apply some paint tape to help you edge your walls safely and effectively.

Next, you should start to paint your walls from top to bottom. Use a roller for this job or you can also use a paint sprayer for the job. Make sure to scrape the walls before you begin to paint. You should also paint from top to bottom. Complete one wall before you decide to move to the next one. This way you have uniformity when you are painting this is also the best way to complete the painting process. When you estimate house painters cost, knowing how to paint your home will save you money.

Edging and Detailing Rooms

Most rooms in a home have bare walls that are easy to paint. However, some parts of a room can be very difficult because they have multiple edges, grooves and an unusual design. If you have to paint a room in your home that has these features use your edging tools to complete your job. Before you edge up or detail a room, complete the large areas of the room first. Then you can complete the paint job by edging up the area.  That being said, if you are looking to paint interior cabinets, then you need to make sure you use the right type of paint like INSL X Cabinet paint.

These steps are not difficult to carry out. You can easily and safely carry them out with little or no skill. They can also help to save you time, money and problems when they are performed correctly. Ultimately, your home should have a professional finish once you’re done implementing the steps listed above.

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