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How to Make Your Entryway Look Welcoming!

By Brett E. / July 13, 2018

An entryway should not just be an entrance to your home but should speak volumes about your style and personality and evoke happiness and comfort. It should make the first impression in your home and set the tone for the rest of your house. Importantly, an entryway should be welcoming to visitors and make them feel comfortable in your home. A happy home starts with a chic and welcoming entryway. Are you looking for ways to make your entryway welcoming and make a lasting impression on your guests?

Below are several tips you can use.

Invest in an Elegant Door

A beautiful and elegant front door gives a first impression of your home and style even before the entryway does. It can transform your entryway as well as the entire house. A classic door blends perfectly with a well-organized and stylish entryway. It gives an added character and personality to your home and a welcoming invitation to paradise. You can invest in bifolding doors that make your entryway and home luxurious and stylish. To add a touch of care, place a beautiful wreath on the door.

Create a Stunning Wall Display

A majority of the apartments have a small entry space. Nevertheless, this does not prevent you from transforming it to make a big statement. You can invest in some posh and eye-catching wall displays that usher in your visitors in style and lets them know they are entering a classy home. Mirrors have a magical effect of brightening dark walls. You can buy some ornamental mirrors for this effect. In addition, you can use colorful wallpaper to a make dramatic statement. The wallpaper should suit your personal style as well as a transition with the rest of the house.

Use a Bright Upholstered Bench

Upholstered BenchA seating solution such as a bench never disappoints in your entryway, especially with limited space. You can either purchase a bench in a local store or build one yourself depending on how much space you have. You can use the space under the bench as storage for shoes for you and your guests. You can hang some hooks above the bench and customize them to fit your style. You and your guests can use the hooks to hang coats and bags. If the bench option does not interest you, eliminate everything in the entryway and keep it simple and fresh. You can accessorize the space with some wall art and a nice lighting fixture.

Make Your Own Entryway

Some homes do not have a formal entry and the front door opens right into the living room. You can create a beautiful and organized entry in numerous ways. You can change your furniture placement to create the feeling and function of a hallway. Place your coach or some chairs with their back to the doorway and add a table to create structure. You can use the table to drop your keys and mails when you walk in. Also, your guests get a place to drop their keys and bags and creates a more inviting feel. Alternatively, you can use a bookcase to create a welcoming entryway. A bookshelf is not restricted to books only and you can make a creative first impression by displaying art and other collectibles.

No matter how large or small your home is, guests need to feel welcome as soon as they step in. It is important to create an entry that is warm and welcoming for residents and guests. You can make your entryway look welcoming by investing in an elegant door, creating a stunning wall display, and using a bright-upholstered bench. Try one of these tips and you will never go wrong in leaving your guests with an impeccable first impression.

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