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Inflated Fun: A Definitive Guide to Inflatable Hot Tubs

By Brett E. / July 3, 2018

For those who want the luxuriousness of a personal hot tub without the commitment of a permanent lawn fixture, inflatable hot tubs may be the perfect solution! These tubs can be set up on just about any flat location — as long as there’s an outlet nearby. Keep in mind, however, that these often don’t have the exact same features as your standard hot tub. So, how does the average consumer know what features to look for, and how exactly are you supposed to know whether inflatable tubs are a good idea for you? We’ve go a comprehensive guide to help you learn exactly what it is you need and whether this is the right decision for you!

Is an Inflatable Hot Tub For You?

Inflatable Hot TubWith an affordable hot tub costing as little as $400, it’s easy to associate these tubs with being cheap. The truth is, inflatable tubs offer a wide range of benefits, all with an pretty affordable price tag. These hot tubs are designed to be easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to take down. For those who aren’t interested in having a permanent and gaudy fixture on their back deck, this is a fantastic alternative. While these tubs do tend to run a little smaller, they’re perfect for couples or small families. The only tricky thing about these tubs is that you have to know what you’re looking for. To help you navigate different brands, it’s important to check out some reputable reviews on something like Linton’s In The Garden as well as know exactly what features it is you’re looking for.

Features To Consider

After you’ve read through a few reviews, you may think you have a good handle on buying a hot tub, but you’ll need to know which features you want before you ever step foot in a salesroom. Take the time to really consider the features listed below, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the hot tub of your dreams!

Capacity: As we’ve said before, inflatable hot tubs tend to run small. While most say they’re sized for four people, the size is better suited to two adults and two children. If you plan on fitting more than two adults in these tubs, it’s best to size up. When trying to figure out exactly what size you need, don’t be afraid to look through some showrooms to see what the capacities actually mean when it comes to size.

Hard Water System:This isn’t something you’ll find on every inflatable tub, but it may be something you need. This is an addition filter which will help minimize the amount of calcium buildup in your tub. Keep in mind, you will have to maintain the water in your tub regardless, but if you live with hard water, this may be a feature you need.

Control Panel: While this may seem like a luxury in some case, consider whether you want a control panel in the tub. Alternatively, you may have to get out and walk over to the pump to get the heat up, which is definitely not relaxing in the colder temperatures.

Inflatable hot tubs can be a great investment in your home. Whether you’re buying a tub for solo use or are looking for a model to fit the whole family, there’s a tub out there for everyone — and at an affordable rate too! Once you know whether an inflatable model is for you and know exactly which features you should be looking for, you’ll be ready to head into a showroom and take a look at the model available.

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