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Picking the Best Office Chair For You: Relieve Back Pain While Sitting

By Brett E. / February 27, 2018

Working in the office seems comfortable in the eyes of many people. However, to an extent, it also has its own drawbacks. Picture this; imagine staying sited in one position and place for more than six hours. Doesn’t it sound tiring? Well, if you haven’t been in this situation, I bet you, probably, cannot attest to this. According to medical research, long hours of a seat can add stress to the structures in the spine.

For this reason, a person working in an office is, consequently, prone to back pains. Since this might be a career thus hard to avoid, there is only one thing one could do. Find the right ergonomic chair so as to lessen the chances of acquiring back pains. How then do you know the right chair for you in this case? This article outlines few steps on how to pick the best office chair for you.  That being said, there are some office chairs that are great for you back that are extremely expensive, but they don’t have to be.  Checkout our office chairs for under $100 reviews guide.

Should Have a Fullback

Best Office ChairThe importance of an office chair is to enable efficiency. According to medical research, a good office chair should, therefore, be able to provide full comfortability to the user. In addition, it should provide support to your back to avoid the possible back pain and bad posture. If your chair can provide other adjustable positions options such as the lumbar, height, and recline settings, then the better it can be for you.

Waterfall Seats

A seat pan with waterfall front is a good addition to a seat. This enables one to seat comfortably and fitted into the chair. Waterfall front plays numerous roles in this case. Among them is to prevent the seat from touching behind your knees and at some point, allows an even weight distribution. Consider, therefore, that the seat you intend to purchase has a waterfall front with these features. This includes being soft, comfortable to sit on with a back support, and lastly, it should not cause any compression of your lower body parts. This addition is mostly important for improving your health in the workplace.

Ensure Stability

When it comes to an office chair it should be stable enough to avoid irrelevant movements. This is in terms of the wheelbases that are usually varying. For an office, a good chair is best with spokes as opposed to rollovers. In this case, at least five spokes can work and it should be adaptable to work well on any type of floor surface. You can check sites like  https://officeworthylist.com which reviews more on the qualities of the best office chairs.

Select a Seat Material

Since you are sitting for almost all day, you just need a chair with the most comfortable upholstery. A fine, soft, and comfortable material can work well here to avoid irritations while at work. It is obvious that no one would want to seat on a scratchy surface as apparently; it will only lead to harm. In this case, a seat with the breathable material is better hence the ones with padding are suitable. As a result, you can seat for an extended time without harming your back or lose your posture.

In summary, the only solution to maintain good posture and health is by furnishing your office with best chairs. With this few tips, you are able to make a good selection hence your office can be more than just a home but the best workplace ever.  If you are looking for chairs at home for back pain, check out our recliners to relieve back pain guide!

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