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Quikrete Walk Maker Reviews – Create the Perfect Garden Walk!

By admin / November 29, 2017

Your garden is your pride and joy. You’ve spent hours, days and weeks cultivating it to make it look amazing. It’s your place to go and unwind, maybe relax with the kids and just enjoy the outside. To achieve this feeling you spend a long time doing the hard work, why not add a garden path?  In this Quikrete Walk Maker Reviews guide you will learn about 2 Quikrete products, reviews of their performances, and our thoughts on them.

I know what you’re thinking. That sounds like a lot of work with a lot of expensive products and in the past you would’ve been right. However a company has begun making kits that make paths much easier, and quicker, to create. All you’ll need is one of the walk maker packs and some concrete.

Walk makers work by using plastic templates which are laid on the ground. They’re divided into sections, patterns, where concrete can be poured in between the sections. This then dries and leaves you with a ready formed path, simple! There are a variety of patterns available from Quikrete who have created this idea of the walk maker. Let’s take a closer look at the brand and the products and see if the Quikrete Walk Maker is for you.

About Quikrete

Quikrete are an older company with an impressive history. They recently celebrated their 75th year of working with concrete and providing professionals and DIYers with all they need to build. Quikrete specialise in all things concrete and their product range is based around this.

They offer a number of different types of concrete and cement mixes. They’ve created products suitable for professionals, homeowners and also dealers so everyone can find exactly what they’re looking for.

As they diversified they created the Walk Maker packs. These are best used with their brand on concrete and allows everyone to get some use from the cement. A simple path can be created in a day with no trouble of fuss using this pack.  I recently made a path to my Allen Roth Gazebo in my garden in a day!

Quikrete Walk Maker Reviews and Choices!

Behind Quikrete is the desire for innovation and keep creating products which will make things easier. Everything has a purpose and they’ve shown their ability to change with the times. They currently have 100 different plants based across North and South America and sell all over the world.

Quikrete 6921-32 Walk Maker

Quikrete walk maker reviewsThe Quikrete 6921-32 Walk Maker is a template designed to give a cobblestone effect to your walk. It’s a simple idea but shows the innovation of the brand to be able to create something so useful but simple.

The Quikrete Walk Maker has a number of plus points but the real benefit is the finished product. A quick and easy walk way is worth a lot and this product offers a lot of value.

  • Easy to Use

The whole appeal of this product is the ease of use. It comes with full instructions but it really is easy to use. All you’ll need to do is open up the pack, lay the template down and then fill with concrete. Quikrete also offer a range of different quick dry concretes for convenience.

  • Adding Value

Despite being so easy to use the Quikrete 6921-32 Walk Maker can add a lot of value to your home. A path really transforms a garden and with the aesthetically pleasing cobbles you’ll soon see the compliments roll in. It can even add value to your home.

The majority of the reviews are positive and even first time concreters have had success in building the path. Some people have complained that it’s a reasonably messy process. As with any new product it will take some getting used to if you’ve had no prior experience.

Overall It seems like a truly innovative idea and a great design choice that’s proving popular with all the customers.

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Quikrete European Block Walk Maker

Quikrete European Walk MakerThe Quikrete European Block Walk Maker is exactly the same as the other product but in a different design. This reusable plastic mold is better suited for making patios and driveways than the others with a larger surface area. All you need to do to use it is mix the concrete and fill the mold to the top. Smooth the surface and leave to dry before removing.

Similar to the other product the beauty is in the simplicity. Literally anyone can do this and make the most of transforming their home. The mold is reusable so you can do it across a large area. Approximately 80 pounds of concrete will fill the mold fully.

  • Multi Purpose

The reusable mold can be used to create a number of structures including walkways and patios. There’s no special skill required and everything you need is included in the pack.

  • Affordable

With everything in the pack reusable it’s literally a fraction of the price of getting a professional in to do the work. Both Walk Makers are priced competitively and are accessible on any budget.

Like the other Walk Maker this product is innovative and makes outdoor work accessible. With a number of reusable molds available you can use the Quikrete concrete to quickly plan out your front and back yard and make the most of your space.

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Is Quikrete Walk Maker for me?

If you’re looking to change up and improve your home then yes. This product allows you to quickly and cleanly transform your garden or first yard into a better looking space within a few days. Both the kits are affordable and the concrete can also be acquired cheaply.

The Quikrete Walk Maker is about making outdoor improvements accessible for everyone. It’s the simple way for anyone with no experience and no access to any specialist tools to transform their home and make something they’re proud of.

If you’re considering paying a professional to come and organise your drive or garden I’d advise you to look at these products and potentially save yourself a lot of money.

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