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Top 5 Popular Paint Colors for Living Rooms – Popular and Stylish

By Brett E. / June 29, 2018

The living room brings together items that make a home. It helps to bundle together leisure, comfort, and togetherness, so while planning to make this space better, you have to choose colors that evoke the right emotions and mood. Some colors have a huge impact on the mood of your home, and you could use them to bring out your home’s unique personality.  When you are painting you should make sure you use wall paint tape to reduce risk of paint splatter.

Regardless of your décor style, these colors are among the best that you could use in your living room.

1. Green

This is a color that evokes a feeling of renewal and harmony. It presents the hues of nature and is among the best paint colors you could choose for your living room. When you lack the space to add some house plants, green walls could help to instill the same effect and could make your living room feel fuller of life. The color can be subtle and fresh and comes as the best alternative for people who find neutrals uninspiring.

2. Gray

Interior House PaintWhen you want to make walls feel spacious, the color you should go for is gray. It is elegant and serene and it suits modernist décor and vintage ensembles. You could experiment with conversation pieces and pops of color, which would fit perfectly on gray living room walls. This is a popular color that is neutral and ideal for any room. If used in the living room, it looks sophisticated and blends easily with furniture made with natural shades.

3. Blue

Blue is a favorite of many people, and the reason could be the fact that it draws everyone closer. Using blue, you can create a charming, stabilizing effect and you can find different shades that would be perfect for the living room. The advantage with blue shades is that most of them blend with neutrals like cream and brown. It would be the go-to color if you have hardwood floors. To paint your living room with this color, you don’t need any special skills. Just find a good Graco paint sprayer and you can do the shade you like because you don’t need to do different layers if you already have the room painted.

4. Beige

For a neutral interior feel, beige would be the perfect color to choose. The hue helps to evoke the simplicity of raw fabrics. If you love a minimalist look, a beige interior would be a good choice. Just have subtle beige walls to achieve a classy effect. It is a timeless color that will make your space to feel better.

5. Black

This is not an obvious color for the living room, and this fact is the reason it’s great. Painting your living room walls black creates a dramatic and unexpected effect. The details of the color create attention and it helps to ensure your furniture pops against its backdrop. It is the most recommended option if your living room gets a lot of sun.

Color is a big part of interior design that you should pay special attention to. While looking for a color to use on your living room walls, you should think about the mood you want to create. In this case, you have a few safe options including blue, green, beige, black, and gray. They blend easily with natural features and could be used to create a serene environment.

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