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What Toilet Lights Can Do To Your Bathroom – Tips and Tricks

By Brett E. / June 23, 2018

One thing you cannot stop is a call by Mother Nature, especially when this happens at night. You have to stumble out of bed and into your bathroom. However, this is a moment that comes with some sort of dilemma as you have to choose between switching on the blinding light and walking in the dark. Both of these options are not attractive, so the only other way you can see without affecting your sleep is to find toilet lights with sensors to eliminate these problems. These lights can do several things as you will learn below.

Brighten up the darkness

Toilet LightsDue to the motion detection feature included, the toilet light will switch on automatically when you visit the bathroom. It also switches off automatically when you leave, thereby saving the life of the bulb and energy. You can install this toilet bowl light to get a gentle glow that will help you to find your way in the dark. With this type of lighting, you will avoid using the main lights, which is a benefit as you will not disturb other people sleeping. Additionally, the lighting system offers different color selections to allow you to control the glow depending on the kind of mood you have. It adds excitement in the bathroom.

Energy efficient and safe

Compared to the main lights, toilet lights are designed with efficiency in mind, and it helps to make your bathroom safer since you can navigate through the bedroom without the need to use main lights. The lights are powered by small AAA batteries, so there are no cables attached that might pose a risk of electric shock. It is suitable even for kids. You can easily replace the batteries once depleted, and there are rechargeable types that you can buy.

Practical and simple

You can use a toilet light in a variety of toilets. It can fit all types of seats or bowls, and the light is equipped with a flexible arm and a suction cup for easy placement within the bowl. During installation, you will enjoy more flexibility and it could be a great fit.

Kids and family friendly

Since the lights are available in a variety of colors, your kids may be encouraged to visit the bathroom at night. They will not feel scared of night creatures and imaginary things any more. The product has light sensing technology paired with human motion infrared technology that ensures when standard lights are on it switches itself off. You don’t need to activate the light using switches or buttons because everything happens using sensors that detect proximity, so when you move into the room the light illuminates to allow you to see around.

There are valid reasons people are turning to the use of toilet lights instead of the main light. This is a small lighting solution designed to automatically provide illumination when you get into the bathroom. It comes with sensors that detect motion and lighting, so you don’t need to touch anywhere to activate the light. This makes it user friendly and something you could use to enhance safety in the bathroom.

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