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When Would I Need to Move My Gas Meter?: Safely Move Your Meter!

By Brett E. / June 10, 2018

If you are renovating your property, you might consider moving the gas meter.Difficulty in access might make you want to have your gas meter moved. It is good to understand how it works to decide your options.

Calling the right person for the job depends on two factors:

  • How far you want the meter moved?
  • Why should the meter move?

Always remember that moving gas meters should be done with professionalhelp.In fact, it is illegal to try moving your gas meter yourself. It could be hazardous to try DIY methods.This service could be free of cost.

You would be eligible if all these three are true:

  • The move is within 90m
  • The move is on the same wall
  • The wall is clear

When Should You Consider to Move your Meter?

There are many reasons why someone would want to alter the position of the gas meter. While some are not essential, moving your gas meter is a must if:

1. There is no access to the gas meter

If it is difficult to access the gas meter, consider moving it. When you are on a prepaid plan, it is important to gain access to the meter to top up the value on the card. There could be gas meters placed in the basement of the property that is difficult to reach.

2. The position of the gas meter is not safe

Moving a Gas MeterPeople renovate their properties every few years. Sometimes, the position of the gas meter is not as safe as before. When you are renovating your building or making changes to the structure of the property, you could change your gas meter. In some cases, the gas meter could be placed outside the property, making it quite unsafe. If you have a flexible hose connector and the distance of the move is less, it is done for free. The builder would let you know if the move is a must. You could then inform the local authorities depending on the move.

3. The gas meter blocks the access to your property

If the gas meter blocks access to any part of the property, you can ask for a free move. If there are extra works involved, you may have to pay for it. It is a good idea to check out with the operator before your move. There are many instances when your gas meter might block access to your property. When you are going for a property extension or complete renovation works, you might want to alter the position of your gas meter.

As a property owner, it is in your best interest to keep your property safe. Check out if the move is essential before deciding that you should move the gas meter. If you have the valid proof or reason, the service is free. The location of the meter and the network operator in your area determine the cost in case it is paid.When you contact the service provider, let them know every detail including the address and details of the property owner. If the move is outside the property, you should inform the gas network operator as well. With a little planning, decide what suits best for your property.

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