Protecting Your Plants And Property Through Pruning and Trimming

Trees play a vital role in your backyard and around your house. However, after planting trees, you need to prune them regularly to protect your family members, trees and property from injuries, damage or even pests. Pruning involves the removal of certain parts of a tree or a shrub that are either dying or dead due to pest attack, diseases or lack of sunlight. You can either do it yourself or hire an expert to do the job for you.

Having your trees pruned and trimmed by a professional protects your property and plants through the following ways:

1. Promotes Plant Health

Branches that are dead or drying are removed by pruning to facilitate the growth of new branches. This is important because plants synthesize their own food using their leaves from simple raw materials in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll. Therefore, pruning promotes plant health because when dry branches are removed the new growth can make their own food. In addition, pruning deters pests and animal infestation because they are exposed to the sun and spray can easily penetrate through the plant.

2. Protect Your Family and Property

Whether you’ve planted trees near your house, near the fence, you practice agro forestry or you have shrubs in your backyard, it is advisable to prune them regularly. By doing this, you will be protecting your family and property from potential damage. For instance, if a tree has dry branches that are not removed, they can feel at any given time in your car, house, or even when someone is passing by on your driveway, walkway or where your children usually play. Therefore, if you don’t want to have potential damages or injuries, have your trees and shrubs pruned often. In addition, if you have shrubs around the house, have them trimmed by an expert because wild animals such as snakes, raccoons and even mongooses can use them to hide.

3. Maintain Plants and Landscapes

PruningOne of the main objectives of pruning/trimming your trees or shrubs is to control their size and shape. When you prune a tree, you encourage a healthy fruit and flower production making your home look beautiful. In addition, when your hedges are trimmed, they maintain their aesthetic value because they are evergreen and have a proportionate growth. Finally, pruning will reduce dry branches, leaves and twigs on your driveway, backyard among other places you’ve grown trees and/or shrubs.

It is evident that you need to prune or trim trees regularly to protect your property and family. However, since you will not do it yourself, you should consider hiring a professional company because the experts who will handle the tasks will have the right tools and equipment, required knowledge and experience for the job. For you to know more about trees/shrubs in your home, you can visit to learn more about trees-care solutions. You will get a professional consultation about tree pruning and develop a tree service plan that suits your needs after considering a number of factors.

How to Maintain your Garden: Tips to Keep Your Garden Looking Great!

Have you noticed that some plants in your yard are growing weak or are dying? These effects on the plants could be caused by many things with the primary one being lack of proper care. Plants require constant checking and sufficient attention to keep them blooming all the time. Thus to keep your garden looking beautiful all the time, use the following tip to help you maintain the garden.

Examine the Plants or Flowers Before Buying:

The kind of plants you buy for your garden will always determine their growth and ease of maintenance. Some plants may have stayed in the tree nursery for a long time such that when you transfer them to another soil, they fail to grow well. The roots of a young plant should be small and fragile, and the stems should not have any flowers. If you find plants that have already shot some flowers, avoid buying them as this is a sign they have been in the nursery for a long time.

Use the Right Organic Manure:

Garden MaintenanceOne reliable method of creating your manure at home is by decomposing the plant leaves and the vegetables. But once the slurry is ready for adding to the plant, it is recommended that you use the manure that has completely decomposed. The leaves that have not entirely decomposing may introduce various diseases to the plant at a young age. This ends up affecting the growth of the plants, and some may end up dying. When keeping the leaves for decamping process, select the best leaves from the plants that you are aware of.

Check for Pest Damage:

The insects and other pests tend to attack the garden plants at a very early stage, and if you are not careful enough you may fail, to notice the attacks at a first stage. Some pests like worms resemble the leaves of the plants thus making it hard for one to detect them. Therefore, always check on your plants and if you find some insects or pests spray the plants using the recommended pesticides. Hiring a garden maintenance company is crucial if you don’t have skills on how to maintain one since they can quickly detect any attacks on your plants and even provide the accurate solution. Hire a good company that you can entrust your garden to even when you are not around.

Use the Recommended Fertilizer:

There are different brands of fertilizers on the market, and they are added to the plants based on various factors. For example, the plants need a particular brand of compost to assist them to grow well while in the nursery, while the plants that are about to shoot flowers require a different brand. So, when buying the fertilizers for your plants, ensure that you are purchasing the right compost according to your plants’ needs. Also, get your soil tested before adding fertilizer since some grounds get easily affected by fertilizer where they end up losing their texture.

Prune and Trim your Plants and Flowers:

Removing the dry leaves and branches from your garden trees helps to make way for new branches and leaves to shoot from the plant. Removing the bad parts of the plant still helps to prevent infections on the healthy parts of that plant. Therefore, occasionally check the plants in the garden to see if some parts require being trimmed or pruned.

Water your Garden:

Water helps to keep the plants healthy but when doing it ensures that you are only feeding the plants and not the diseases that survive on the plants from the water supplied on the plants. There are various plant watering techniques which focus on the plants and not the areas around the plants. So, research about these methods and use them in watering your plants.

Space your Plants:

Avoid planting your plants too close as this paves the way for the diseases to spread and makes it difficult to maintain the plants. Space the plants and if you notice that they are flourishing while growing closely, prune and trim the unwanted stems to give more space.

To ensure that your garden is healthy including all the plants, use the above-discussed tips to guide you regarding how to take care of the plants. Choose the plants that grow well in your region and those that are less attacked by diseases and pests too. If you are not available to look after your garden, hire a gardening company to watch over your yard all the time.

5 Tips in Picking the Right Kind of Tiles for Your Home!

As far as tile flooring is concerned, you will not complain of materials shortage, designs, textures, and colors that you may choose from. With many options, however, it is vital to understand that you cannot go for any tile that you find in the market.

With the following tips, you can find it simple to select the best tiles for your home.

1. The Hardness of the Tile

When you are searching for different kinds of tiles, an important aspect that you should not forget is paying attention to the tiles’ hardness. Tough tiles can withstand scratches, foot, and wear traffics. For example, porcelain tile can be suitable for the floors of your living room.

Here is a scale, which can help you make the right choice.

  • Class 1 – It is suitable for walls only.
  • Class 2 – It can be used in soft-soled areas where foot traffic is normal. You can use in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Class 3 – It fits where there are minimal scratches and normal wear traffic. You can use it in all rooms apart from the entryways and kitchens.
  • Class 4 – The tile is moderately heavy. You can install it in all the rooms of your home.
  • Class 5 – This tile is extra heavy. It fits where there is too much exposure to scratches and foot traffic. You can use the tile in commercial areas and in all the rooms.

2. The Porosity of the Tile

The solids and air holes evaluate the porosity of tiles. This dictates the water amount, which will be absorbed. If you intend to install the tile in an area that is prone to water like bathroom and kitchen, it will be prudent to consider quarry tiles.

Moreover, you need to consider the porosity classification of various tiles to assist you to select the best flooring tile.

  • Impervious tile – This kind of tile has 0.5% water absorption. It can be perfect for your bathroom and kitchen.
  • Vitreous tile – Its water absorption ranges from 0.5% to 3%.
  • Semi-vitreous tile – The absorption ranges from 3% to 7%.
  • Non-vitreous tile – It has the absorption rate of 7% and more. It is advisable not to use the tile as the floor.

3. Resistance to Slip

Many tiles are slippery. In case you have elderly people and children around the house, then it can be risky for them. It may be vital to set-up a tile, which is resistant to slippery. Bathrooms are perfect places where you can install the tile to avoid falling accidents from occurring. The below are options, which you can consider when buying a slip-resistance material for your floor.

  • Porcelain or ceramic tile – The materials have surfaces, which are textured in a special way.
  • Slates – They are beautiful stones, which have a natural resistant texture.
  • Pebble stones – They are highly textured.
  • Mosaic or glass tiles – The materials have many grout lines, which makes the tile resistant to slippery.

4. Tiles with Concrete Designs

These designs are modern, and you can use them to have an upscale feel. They are versatile materials, which may be used in different rooms such as the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Unlike other tiles, these designs can be customized and used in different ways. They come in different textures, color, and size. You will have many options, which you can choose from.The best part is that these designs are cost-effective. The installation process will not cost you a lot. It may cost you around $7 per square. They are durable designs, which can be used in heavy foot and wear traffics. Immediately the designs are installed, it will take you years before you replace them once more. However, the designs are tough in texture they can be risky to small kids, especially when they walk barefoot.

5. Quality and Luxury

If you prioritize durable and comfortable tile, then stone tiles may be suitable for you. The materials such as travertine, granite, and marble can assist you to increase the value of your home. Since the stones may be unlike, you will definitely get a unique floor.Large tiles may look good on your floor because they assist in creating the unvarying appearance. They may be perfect when it comes to interior designs. Importantly, you need to seal the tiles so that you may retain their durability and ability to fight stains. The unsealed ties may be vulnerable to water penetration.

With the above guidelines, it can be simple to select a tile of your choice. When it comes to installation, it would be best to hire a reliable and competent contractor. Make sure the professional is specialized when it comes to house flooring; the job will be professionally executed.

Efficient Tips on Choosing a Garden Windmill for Home Use

Wind is clean energy that you can use in your home. You can, therefore, consider Eco Peanut website so that you can know the perfect garden windmills, which you can use in your home. However, before you select the best windmill, it can be important to consider the following tips.

Garden Windmill


  1. Check the local zoning codes so that you can install your windmill in your home. Make sure you are familiar with the restrictions in order to set up the equipment. In case you live in a subdivision, ensure that you look for the homeowners association so that you may escape some grievances from the neighbors.
  2. Choose a good location. A place where you will install your equipment matters a lot. You should avoid installing the equipment on top of the roof. The vibrations at the rooftop might cause the structural issues and noise for the equipment as well as the building. Know the good wind direction and set up your equipment.
  3. Get in touch with the weather stations or airports, which are near you. This will should help you to know the wind speed that you should expect in your geographical area. Remember that the wind speed may increase depending on the height of the tower or home.
  4. It may be wise to reduce the energy consumption by taking care of air leaks as well as addressing some issues. The importance of reducing the use of energy is to get the chance of setting up a smaller and cheaper energy system. Hence, make up your mind regarding the percentage of energy, which needs to be supplied to your home.
  5. Shop wisely is a tip that you need to consider. You can get the advice from the dealer to assist you to select a good windmill that can be suitable for your location. When you get the equipment from the dealer, it may be prudent to know if the model comes with a warranty. The best model is one that has five years of warranty. In addition, get to know what other people say about the model you are about to buy. If other users give positive reviews, then the equipment can also be suitable for you.
  6. Consider conducting the energy auditing for your home. This will help in determining the amount of energy, which should be produced for your home. Add some watts and know how much you use monthly. Remember also to use different bulbs so that you can determine the ones that use a lot of energy.

Setting up the wind systems not only comes in handy, but it can also be cheaper to install than other systems. Therefore, if you decide to buy and install a windmill, make sure you consider the above tips. It may not be that simple to choose, but you can always take your time and choose wisely. If possible, get some help from other individuals, who are using the equipment in their homes. Get to know their experiences, and from there you can make your decision, which you may be certain that it will be a perfect choice.

How to Pick a Popular Countertop Dishwasher in 2018

After a busy day of work and getting the kids home from school, one of the last things that you probably want to do is tackle the mounting pile of dishes and glassware that’s been sitting in your kitchen sink since this morning. For people with active lives, you may want to consider adding the convenience of a countertop dishwasher to your home.

Countertop dishwashers are smaller and less expensive alternatives to conventional dishwashers. They take up less space and do a better job of cleaning than washing dishes by hand. They are great for apartments, lakeshore cabins, small kitchens and RVs. Some countertop models can be installed permanently if you choose to do so. Other models can even be installed directly into the main water line under your sink by your garbage disposal, although it’s advised to consult your manufacturer before doing so. These types of dishwashers connect to most standard kitchen faucets.

They have two hoses:

  1. To bring in fresh water from the faucet.
  2. To remove the dirty water during washing.

Most countertop dishwashers have place settings for cutlery, dishes and glassware; a stainless tub and removable filter, and wash settings for normal washes, heavy washes, just glassware and rinse cycles.

Some of the things to consider when buying a countertop dishwasher are:

  • Portability
  • Adaptability
  • Size
  • Price
  • Noise


When you’re done using a countertop dishwasher, you can either stow it away for later use or leave it connected and use the bypass button to get fresh water from your faucet. Before you buy, you may want to check your existing faucet to see if it will connect to a countertop dishwasher. If it doesn’t, you can buy a faucet adapter that is available at most hardware and home improvement stores. You can also add a spray faucet to these dishwashers, but it’s not usually recommended.


While these compact, stylish dishwashers usually won’t allow you to wash larger pans and trays, they are handy for quick dishwashing jobs and only cost pennies on the dollar in terms of water and energy costs. Their compact designs also make them easier to clean when necessary.Some models even come with a butcher block top, so that you can work on meal prep while you’re washing dishes!

Price and size: Most countertop dishwasher models are priced around $200 for standard models that are about 18 to 22 inches high, 18 to 22 inches wide, about 18 to 20 inches deep, and weigh anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds. There are taller, more portable, non-countertop models that are priced at around $400 or more, depending on the manufacturer and model.


One important feature to look at is decibel ratings, or dBA (which stands for A-weighted decibels). Most dishwashers have ratings of about 60 to 65 dBA. If you want a quieter dishwasher, look for one in the 50-55 dBA range. You can find a wide variety of countertop dishwashers at most home improvement stores and online retailers such as Lowes, the Home Depot, Best Buy, and Amazon.

Some of the more popular models are manufactured by:

  • Bosch
  • Sunbeam
  • Miele
  • Koldfront
  • Magic Chef
  • Danby
  • SPT

Whatever you decide, do your homework before you buy to find the right portable dishwasher model that’s right for you. Countertop dishwashers are a time-saving alternative to loading big, bulky dishwashers or washing dishes by hand. They save you from having “dishpan hands” and clean your dishes and glassware efficiently at a very affordable price!

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Home Inspection

A house for sale means that the deal is almost done. However, it does not mean that you should pack all your belongings and move out. You still have to conduct the process of home inspection so that the buyer can know that it is in good condition. Professionals called inspectors to carry out inspection processes.

These home Inspection professionals should be experienced and keen to details so that they can detect any default appliance in the house. Most sellers get nervous when it comes to this process. They do not know what could be the outcome. The chances are, you will either have a deal sealed or fail to have your home for sale. Even if the deal is closed, you may incur some extra expenses, which you did not expect. Hence, before the inspection, you need to be ready.

Here is how you can prepare your home for the inspection process.

1. Clear Your Perimeter

Apart from examining the interior parts of the house, the inspector should also examine the exterior part such as trims, caulking of doors as well as windows, and sidings. As the homeowner, it may be necessary for you to clear the trash cans and plant growths in the compound.

2. Have Your Roof Examined

Every homeowner has the obligation of hiring an inspector to help in examining his or her roof. Probably, it had been ages before you had your roofs checked by an examiner. Remember, roofs are important parts of the house; hence, they should be checked thoroughly. Make use of a ladder and climb on top of the roof to clear up some debris and moss, which might have accumulated. Also, check if there are missing tiles. If some parts are missing, ensure you have them replaced. Call a roof repairer if you realized that your roofs are damaged.

3. Replace the Blown Bulbs

Blown bulbs can either suggest two things to the inspector. It could either mean that the bulbs are out or the entire wiring system is faulty. The inspector should not waste his or her time in determining whether the fixture has a problem or it is just a bulb issue. This is why it can be vital to replace your bulbs so that you can make things easier for the inspector. If new bulbs are set up, and you remain in darkness, then it means the whole system is faulty.

4. Clean Up Your Home

Keeping your entire house tidy and clean is important. The first thing that the inspector or buyer will look at is your cleanliness. This gives a clear picture of your personality. However, it is important to note that cleanliness is not part of the inspection. Hence, if your house is clean, it will not stop the inspector from checking on your appliances’ condition.

5. Open All the Doors That the Inspector Needs Access To

The inspector will always find it easy when accessing doors are made simple. If they find it hard to go through a particular place, his or her report will be negative, because there would be no inspection. Thus, a clear way for the inspector to have an easy time accessing all the areas.

When selling your house, there is no need of panicking like other sellers. Compose yourself and if possible, take a few deep breaths. You will get the deal done. Besides, many buyers do not expect full perfection. With the tips in mind, you will get through it; everything is under control.

4 Ways to Make Your Old Mattress More Comfortable

Arguably one of the biggest factors in getting a good night’s sleep is the quality of your mattress. Mattresses are difficult to buy because they take some time to break in, so you don’t know how good they are going to be until about 90 days after you start sleeping on it. So what do you do if you find that you’ve ended up with a dud? There are a number of ways to make your mattress more comfortable, so you can get a great sleep.

1. Add a Mattress Topper

Mattress TopperYou might never have considered using a mattress topper in your life, but these simple devices can make all the difference to the amount of sleep you get. No matter what size your mattress is, be it a twin, full size, queen size or king, you’ll find a range of options for mattress toppers. They vary a lot in price, with down toppers costing the most, but you’ll find that these toppers, such as the ones found on beddingnbeyond, make you feel like you’re sleeping in clouds. A lot of mattresses are sold with toppers attached, so next time you’re on the market for a mattress, make sure you take a topper into consideration so you can sleep in the most comfort.

2. Use a Body Pillow

If you are anything like me, your sleeping position is a sort of stretched outside-stomach maneuver. This can cause extreme pain or discomfort for your entire day if you find that you’ve pinched or put pressure on a nerve all night. Not to mention how much it can hurt your neck if you don’t have the right type of pillow. A body pillow is a welcome addition for those who need to sleep on their side. By placing the bottom of it between your legs, you are straightening your spine while you sleep. Your whole body will rest in a natural position so that when you wake up you don’t feel any aches and pains. Also, by sleeping on your side, you reduce snoring and drastically help any sleep apnea problems you might have.

3. Invest in a Memory foam Pillow

A great pillow that is suited to your sleep style means the difference between tossing and turning all night and a peaceful, relaxing sleep. But how do you know what kind of pillow is right for you? No matter how you sleep, a memory foam pillow can help you ease the tension in your neck and shoulders as you sleep. A good memory foam pillow can mold to your shape and cradle your head so that you’re not bent in unnatural positions all night.

4. Cool Down with a Gel Mattress Protector

If you live in a warm climate then you’re no stranger to trying to keep cool as you sleep. It often feels like there is no relief. But have you ever tried a mattress protector that contains a gel insert? They are amazing, as they help cushion the space between you and the mattress. Not only that, but it provides supreme comfort all night long.

Getting a great night’s sleep can be something we all struggle to achieve, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many things you can change in your sleeping arrangement in order to feel more comfortable and enable yourself to get a better sleep. By investing in one of these additions to your bedroom, you’ll give your old, uncomfortable mattress a whole new lease on life.

5 Kid-Friendly Upgrades For Your New Home!

The laughter of an innocent child can warm a cold heart and permeate your home. Children can also create a lot of messes in your house, from the bathroom to the living room and the other areas in between. If you are considering making some improvements to your home, and you have young children, you will need to ensure that your upgrades are kid friendly. Fortunately, there are various great ways you can use to enhance your home without creating safety anxiety.

Here’s a list of some fun and kid-friendly enhancements that you can make to your home.

Design a Fun Outdoor Space

If you are planning to spend most of your family time outside, the key is to make your outdoor area enjoyable. You can consider including a porch or deck area. You can also invest in a comfortable seating and nice lighting in your outdoor space. However, if you want to splurge, you can consider having a swimming pool. You can hire the best service in town to design your pool, creating a summer full of fun for your whole family and it’s also a good way to throw bashes.

Install Fun Storage Spaces

When you have young kids, you have a lot of toys and other kid items. You will want to have a storage solution for these play items so that they are not all around your floor all the time. Look around for a home for these items that make storing kid toys and other items easy and fun. Big totes and colorful baskets are a great option to take into account. You can also consider using the space under the beds to keep the items organized and save space.

Invest in Some Chalk Paint

If you want to paint your home, you can make things fun for your children by investing in chalk paint that will make a chalkboard surface. That is a great way of inspiring your children to be more creative, and you no longer have to worry about them scribbling on your walls. These paints also provide a unique appearance, and it’s also a great way of displaying art to your visitors.

Kid’s Counters

It’s good to create a working or playing space for your children, near yours to keep them from taking over most of your space. Kids usually like staying near their parents most of the time, so creating them their counter where they can build and paint will be perfect. You can use a durable material for these counters, such as quartz since it will get lots of use and abuse as well.

Upgrade to More Comfortable Furniture

If you have children and you would like to have a more comfy life, it’s important to look for furniture that is incredibly practical. If you are buying new furniture for your home, ensure that it’s kid proof and entirely comfortable. That will make movie times more exciting and also make your furniture last longer.

Tiled Walls

If you are living with kids, it’s advisable to have tiles for the bathroom walls. For some strange reasons, toothpaste splashes everywhere when children brush their teeth. Besides, they are not always so good when it comes to locating the toilet at night time. Tiles are easy to clean in comparison to the painted walls.

It is possible to make great upgrades to your entire family that everyone will enjoy. These improvements don’t have to be stressful or complicated either. In case of any questions about the furniture and home products or design needs, you can contact companies that deal with home upgrades or a home design professional near you.

How a New Garage Door Can Improve Your Home Value!

To a homeowner, a home renovation comes with many benefits. It’s a great way to increase your living space when the family grows. It also makes your home more appealing. But the most important benefit is that it has the potential to increase the value of your home.

Although kitchen, living room and bathroom renovations are among the most common among homeowners, they don’t add as much value to your home as a new garage door does. Being such an important undertaking, garage door replacement is best left to the experts. In certain places, you will find professionals to do the job for you. They will also be available to carry out any repairs when the need arises.

Garage door replacement is arguably the least expensive of all home remodeling jobs. It ranks well below kitchen renovations and the addition of extra rooms. The fact that it doesn’t cost much is one of the reasons it is such a viable investment.

Here are some of the ways a new garage door can improve your home value:

1. It Enhances Home Safety and Security

A new garage door comes with features that can help improve the safety and security of your home. These are some of the factors that make your home attractive to prospective buyers. If you keep some of your most valuable items in your garage, you want it to be as secure as possible. A new door has an open system to ward off intruders. It also has sensing photo eyes to ensure that it doesn’t shut when there is any item on its path.

2. Transforms Your Curb Appeal

Garage DoorAny design-savvy homeowner knows the difference that a brand new garage door can make in giving their home an exterior facelift. A garage door occupies a large part of your façade making it one of the most visible features of your home. It is not less important than your front door. By choosing the most unique panel style and colors that give your give your home a cohesive and attractive look, you can improve the level of interest of prospective buyers.

3. It Reduces Energy Costs

The value of your home can go up by up to 4 percent with a new insulated garage door. One of the benefits of having an insulated door is that it maintains the temperature inside the garage and prevents outside air from entering your home. This means that less energy is used in air conditioning, thereby reducing your utility bills.

Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

Various circumstances can cause damage to your garage door. The fact that it is such an important investment makes it mandatory that you inspect it and carry out repairs on a regular basis. By maintaining and repairing it regularly, you will prevent minor issues from festering and costing you even more money.

Compared to the way they were a decade ago, today’s garage doors are way more superior. At the same time, there is a wider range of materials, designs and options to choose from. But the most important thing is that a new garage door is the surest way to increase your home value. As long as you choose wisely and use the best experts for the job, any money you spend will be worth it.

6 Tips on How To Decorate A Child-Friendly Home!

Having children does not always mean that your home should look scruffy and boring for the sake of keeping it safe. Most parents tend to think that it is impossible to decorate their homes with trendy pieces of art or have amazing décor ideas implemented in their homes while keeping in mind the safety of the children. Little ones are an integral part of every family, and that is why homes should be designed with child safety in mind.

With that said, here are 6 tips on how to decorate a child-friendly home:

1.) Have an Extra-wide Child Gate

With children involved, safety should be the number one priority. That is why it is recommended that you do not forget to have an extra wide child gate for your stairs and doorways as you decorate your home. They are designed to prevent children from treading on precarious places such as the staircase or the kitchen.

2.) Settle for Stain Repellent Fabrics

Stain Resistant FurnitureWe would not be stretching the truth if we said that children are not messy. They are. And irrespective of how cautious you are, it is inevitable that your young one will from time to time rub their soiled hands on your couch or curtains. That is why when decorating, stain repellent or cleanable fabrics should be your only choice. Fabrics like leather, velvet and Ultrasuede are pretty good options.

3.) Opt for Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs not only give a classy edge to your home, but also hide stain pretty well. They are also made from a soft material that is easy on your toddler’s skin, hence double up as a good play mat for them.

4.) Have Labelled Baskets to Keep Toys

Toys are a must have for every home with children. However, they are the greatest menace to the neatness of that home. That is why, when decorating it advisable that you formulate a toy storage system that will ensure that everything has a particular space it should occupy.

This enables children assist in cleaning up as they will know what to put in each basket once they are done playing.

5.) Use of Slipcovers

Furniture Slip CoversSlipcovers are awesome. They are used to cover couches, dining room chairs and any other piece of furniture that you would wish to protect against accidental spills. They are quite convenient because in the event of a spillage or even vomiting, all you need to do is pull it off, have it washed and put it back. Slipcovers are a must have if you want to keep your house both clean and free from very slippable spills. They can also leave your furniture looking as good as new.  I personally love Four Season Slipcovers because they offer so many colors and patterns!

6.) Decorate with Fake Plants and Flowers

Decorating your home with fake plants and flowers is safer compared to using real ones. This because, with fake plants and flowers, you do not have to worry about them being harmful in the event that your toddler nibbles on them. Although you ought to warn them against nibbling on the fake ones to avoid caking. Alternatively, keep them away from their reach.

Knowing what you know now, we know that decorating a home with kids is quite possible, and not at all that hard. All one needs to do is identify décor that is compatible with children. However, safety should be the number one priority, not the looks. With that said, however, though looks aren’t that high up the list, you can still put more thought into it without compromising safety if you know what to do.

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