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10 Impressive Kitchen Range Hoods for Your Gorgeous Kitchen 2018!

By Brett E. / June 22, 2018

A range hood is perhaps one of the most important pieces in your kitchen, just like any other appliance is. All range hoods are built to meet their key requirement – which is to ventilate cooking odours out of the house, so you and your family are not breathing those odours while the food is cooking. However, there are some range hoods that meet this basic requirement in style. Today range hoods come in a variety of colours, shapes and materials to match your unique taste, your house theme and your kitchen’s colour palette.

If you are thinking about building a new house or remodelling your kitchen.

Here are 10 impressive range hoods to choose from for your kitchen.

1. A Mantel-style Range Hood

A mantle-style kitchen range hood can become a centrepiece in your kitchen and that classic yet graceful touch to it. Made of wood, it can mimic any design from your house – whether you want it to resemble the kitchen cabinets, your crockery cabinet or your buffet.

2. An English-style Range Hood

English Country Style Kitchen Range HoodThis one is made of rich wooden panels and can align with the rest of your kitchen especially if you have a country English aesthetic in your kitchen or the overall house. If you choose this range hood in a dark wood, it can complement the stainless steel appliances in your kitchen and go really well with a neutral backsplash.

3. An Inconspicuous Range Hood

If you are the one who loves technology and has a contemporary theme flowing in the rest of the house, a chic inconspicuous range hood is the one that is made for you. This type of range hood fits very well in a modern setup and does the job without taking too much space or attention.

4. A Spanish-style or an Old-world Range Hood

If you have a country feel to your house or love the old-world charm, a Spanish-style range hood suits you very well. Such range hoods generally come with a grand plaster hood that protrudes from your cabinets on the sides and does take a lot of space. It is made of concrete and is painted in the same colour as the rest of the wall around it to make it look grander.

5. A Matte Finish Range Hood

Matte Range HoodIf you are after a rich contrast between the range hood and your glass tiles or a glass backsplash, a matte finish range hood is a suitable option. However, be careful before choosing this type of a range hood as the matte finish can be hard to clean off that kitchen grime that can easily stick to it.

6. A Furniture-like Range Hood

This one’s meant to resemble your furniture in the house and comes with a customised plaster range hood that can be made to match the existing furniture in your house. This type of range hood can definitely steal the show and become the focal point in your kitchen.

7. A Curved Bronze Range Hood

A bronze range hood has recently become very popular among people who love an industrial or a rustic look in their house. A bronze range hood is simple in shape, so all the magic is done by the bronze that becomes more noticeable because of the simple made of the range hood.

8. A Column-like Range Hood

Sometimes also called an architectural range hood, such range hoods have supporting columns on each side that run from the top of the wall all the way down to your cooking top. These look good if your cooking section is well separated from the rest of the kitchen in the house.

9. A Stainless-steel Range Hood

If your kitchen has an organic feel to it, a stainless steel range hood can add more charm to it with its ultra-modern look and feel. Such range hoods come in geometric patterns to match a huge range of backsplashes and mosaic tiles in the kitchen.

10. A White Rustic Range Hood

This one is an all-time favourite as you can never go wrong with a white rustic range hood. If you are not sure what will go well in your kitchen, this one is so subtle, it actually goes well with any type of kitchen.

Range hoods in the kitchen can easily become the focal point if they are selected carefully and complement the rest of the kitchen in its backsplash, cabinets and tiles. Getting the range hood right becomes all the more important if you have an open floor plan where the range hood can be visible from not just the kitchen but from your living zones as well. So don’t rush when you select a range hood. Do your research well, know the colour palette in your house and choose the range hood that goes really well with it and enhances the overall look of your kitchen.

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