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10 Kitchen Storage Ideas For A More Organized Space!

By Brett E. / June 28, 2018

If you feel like you don’t have sufficient space in your kitchen, there are ideas you could embrace that will dramatically create more room for your essential items. To make your kitchen the best place it’s important to look for ways to declutter and create more storage space. The best place to begin is to rethink your kitchen organization in order to create more storage space.

Besides organization, you also should think about hygiene and how to achieve an easy-to-clean kitchen. Check if you have a leaky garbage disposal and get the right replacement. Keeping the kitchen neat will make your work easier when you need to prepare something. These 10 tricks could be useful as they easily allow you to create additional space needed in your kitchen to make it neat and orderly.

1. Use cabinet Doors

You could explore the possibilities the inside of your cabinet doors offer. Install hooks that will allow you to store lids, pans, and serving spoons. A slim rack would also be useful as it helps you to stash boxes of foil and pot lids. Don’t let the door close into empty space when you could use it to store some items.

2. Convert the Sink Into Counter Space

Counter space is important in your kitchen. If you need to create this space, you could use the sink as a solution. Find a cutting board that perfectly fits over your sink and create more space for chopping. Some of them have colanders that makes prep a breeze.

3. Store Utensils by Type

For more orderliness in the kitchen, you could store items in groups by type and use. Separate knives, forks, and spoons and cooking utensils. You can find a separate container for spoons, whisks, and spatulas to eliminate the stress of digging through a tangle of items while looking for what you need.

4. Install Hooks for Mugs

mug hooksHow about you get some hooks on which you can hang your mugs for easy selection whenever you need to prepare your morning coffee. A good solution would be to ensure the hooks are installed below a cabinet or shelf so you can hang them by their handles.

5. Use Bins to Store Bulk Items

If you are tired of working with filled cabinets, you could make use of plastic bins or glass jars to organize items. Remove the bulk items from the cabinets and decant them into containers for a neat arrangement.

6. Install Rolling Shelves

Deep cabinets come with a downside where you find it challenging to reach items at the back. To counter this problem, consider installing rolling shelves that have low sides to ensure you can much easily keep your items organized and accessible.

7. Install Pot Racks

Vertical space should not be left idle. Take advantage of this space by installing a pot rack that can help you to store pans, which could be sitting on your stove or filling the cabinet. For houses with low ceilings you could install the pot rack over the kitchen sink.

Pan Dividers8. Find Pan Dividers

Pans could create a lot of clutter if you have to store all of them in the cabinet. To get a bit organized, install pan dividers. This will help you to stack lids and pots within your cabinet. The idea would also help you to organize baking sheets and the pans as you can place the dividers perpendicular to your shelf.

9. Use Risers

Risers help you to make use of the empty vertical space in the cabinets. This idea helps you to keep your items separated to ensure you don’t need to try and pick things out of a huge stack. It’s a way to get more organized.

10. Add Some Containers

For items you can’t keep out of sight, don’t just spread them over the kitchen countertop. You can make things a bit organized by storing such items in containers. This idea is ideal where you want to store spices and kitchen tools that you use often.

Organizing your kitchen is part of interior design that you should think about. This does not have to consume your budget because you need to find ways to create efficient storage for things you need. Get rid of clutter by installing things like mug hooks and using containers for items you use often. Being organized will make you efficient in the kitchen because you can easily find what you need.

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