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5 Kid-Friendly Upgrades For Your New Home!

By Brett E. / July 25, 2018

The laughter of an innocent child can warm a cold heart and permeate your home. Children can also create a lot of messes in your house, from the bathroom to the living room and the other areas in between. If you are considering making some improvements to your home, and you have young children, you will need to ensure that your upgrades are kid friendly. Fortunately, there are various great ways you can use to enhance your home without creating safety anxiety.

Here’s a list of some fun and kid-friendly enhancements that you can make to your home.

Design a Fun Outdoor Space

If you are planning to spend most of your family time outside, the key is to make your outdoor area enjoyable. You can consider including a porch or deck area. You can also invest in a comfortable seating and nice lighting in your outdoor space. However, if you want to splurge, you can consider having a swimming pool. You can hire the best service in town to design your pool, creating a summer full of fun for your whole family and it’s also a good way to throw bashes.

Install Fun Storage Spaces

When you have young kids, you have a lot of toys and other kid items. You will want to have a storage solution for these play items so that they are not all around your floor all the time. Look around for a home for these items that make storing kid toys and other items easy and fun. Big totes and colorful baskets are a great option to take into account. You can also consider using the space under the beds to keep the items organized and save space.

Invest in Some Chalk Paint

If you want to paint your home, you can make things fun for your children by investing in chalk paint that will make a chalkboard surface. That is a great way of inspiring your children to be more creative, and you no longer have to worry about them scribbling on your walls. These paints also provide a unique appearance, and it’s also a great way of displaying art to your visitors.

Kid’s Counters

It’s good to create a working or playing space for your children, near yours to keep them from taking over most of your space. Kids usually like staying near their parents most of the time, so creating them their counter where they can build and paint will be perfect. You can use a durable material for these counters, such as quartz since it will get lots of use and abuse as well.

Upgrade to More Comfortable Furniture

If you have children and you would like to have a more comfy life, it’s important to look for furniture that is incredibly practical. If you are buying new furniture for your home, ensure that it’s kid proof and entirely comfortable. That will make movie times more exciting and also make your furniture last longer.

Tiled Walls

If you are living with kids, it’s advisable to have tiles for the bathroom walls. For some strange reasons, toothpaste splashes everywhere when children brush their teeth. Besides, they are not always so good when it comes to locating the toilet at night time. Tiles are easy to clean in comparison to the painted walls.

It is possible to make great upgrades to your entire family that everyone will enjoy. These improvements don’t have to be stressful or complicated either. In case of any questions about the furniture and home products or design needs, you can contact companies that deal with home upgrades or a home design professional near you.

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