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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Home Inspection

By Brett E. / September 1, 2018

A house for sale means that the deal is almost done. However, it does not mean that you should pack all your belongings and move out. You still have to conduct the process of home inspection so that the buyer can know that it is in good condition. Professionals called inspectors to carry out inspection processes.

These home Inspection professionals should be experienced and keen to details so that they can detect any default appliance in the house. Most sellers get nervous when it comes to this process. They do not know what could be the outcome. The chances are, you will either have a deal sealed or fail to have your home for sale. Even if the deal is closed, you may incur some extra expenses, which you did not expect. Hence, before the inspection, you need to be ready.

Here is how you can prepare your home for the inspection process.

1. Clear Your Perimeter

Apart from examining the interior parts of the house, the inspector should also examine the exterior part such as trims, caulking of doors as well as windows, and sidings. As the homeowner, it may be necessary for you to clear the trash cans and plant growths in the compound.

2. Have Your Roof Examined

Every homeowner has the obligation of hiring an inspector to help in examining his or her roof. Probably, it had been ages before you had your roofs checked by an examiner. Remember, roofs are important parts of the house; hence, they should be checked thoroughly. Make use of a ladder and climb on top of the roof to clear up some debris and moss, which might have accumulated. Also, check if there are missing tiles. If some parts are missing, ensure you have them replaced. Call a roof repairer if you realized that your roofs are damaged.

3. Replace the Blown Bulbs

Blown bulbs can either suggest two things to the inspector. It could either mean that the bulbs are out or the entire wiring system is faulty. The inspector should not waste his or her time in determining whether the fixture has a problem or it is just a bulb issue. This is why it can be vital to replace your bulbs so that you can make things easier for the inspector. If new bulbs are set up, and you remain in darkness, then it means the whole system is faulty.

4. Clean Up Your Home

Keeping your entire house tidy and clean is important. The first thing that the inspector or buyer will look at is your cleanliness. This gives a clear picture of your personality. However, it is important to note that cleanliness is not part of the inspection. Hence, if your house is clean, it will not stop the inspector from checking on your appliances’ condition.

5. Open All the Doors That the Inspector Needs Access To

The inspector will always find it easy when accessing doors are made simple. If they find it hard to go through a particular place, his or her report will be negative, because there would be no inspection. Thus, a clear way for the inspector to have an easy time accessing all the areas.

When selling your house, there is no need of panicking like other sellers. Compose yourself and if possible, take a few deep breaths. You will get the deal done. Besides, many buyers do not expect full perfection. With the tips in mind, you will get through it; everything is under control.

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