Acrylic Kitchen Sink Reviews – Top 3 Styles and Craftsmanship Sinks!

By admin / November 23, 2017

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and at the heart of that is the kitchen sink. In fact 60% of your time in the kitchen will be spent at the sink. Food preparation, cleaning, cutting and disposing are the major tasks in the kitchen and they’re all really important processes which need the right equipment. So you need the right sink.  In this Acrylic Kitchen Sink Reviews guide you will learn all about your different options!  If you’re interested in composite granite sinks, then check out our reviews!

There’s a lot of different things to choose from when it comes to sinks. There’s a million different designs, alternative shapes, modern features and innovations but first thing is first, the material. The material of your sink will impact how it looks, feels and operates so it’s not something to rush over.

About Acrylic Sinks

Acrylic Kitchen Sink ReviewsAcrylic is fast becoming the most popular choice of kitchen sink and there’s a number of key reasons. Acrylic is made from heat molded plastic backed by fiberglass resin. It’s being more widely used in homes across the country because it’s a lot cheaper than alternatives. An acrylic kitchen sink will be a fraction of the price of a stainless steel one while doing the same job.

Acrylic is also easier to get in a variety of colours. This let’s you customise it to fit your other furnishings and paint and bring some colour and variety to your home. There are a lot of different acrylic kitchen sinks available and we’ve been scouring the markets looking for the best options.

Top Three Best Acrylic Kitchen Sinks and Acrylic Kitchen Sink Reviews

We’ve found three top acrylic kitchen sinks, let’s take a look at who makes them, their key features and how they can add value to your kitchen.  All of these kitchen sinks are quality sinks, and I have personally owned and used all of them!  Take a look below and I hope you enjoy our acrylic kitchen sink reviews!

The VIGO farmhouse kitchen sink is made 33 inches in size so there’s plenty of room to maneuver. It has a matte finish so it looks modern and vibrant in the home. VIGO have a number of kitchen products which are designed with modern ingenuity and traditional style and this kitchen sink is no different.

The VIGO kitchen sink is built solidly with a central drain. It has a solid core construction with 10mm radius curved corners. This allows for convenient cleaning which after all is what the kitchen sink is all about. The VIGO sink weighs 97.1 pounds which is a heavier, sturdier unit than you might expect and shows it’s been built well.

The VIGO kitchen sink has been made with the following features to make it more user friendly:

  • Easy Clean and Durable

The kitchen sink is designed to be easy to maintain and clean on a daily basis. It’s completely seamless and boasts a nonporous surface which is designed to resist staining. Fire and heat won’t stain the surface which is perfect for quickly dumping hot pans. It’s also resistant to chemical stains which can come from some cleaning products.

  • Strainer and Chopping Board

The kitchen sink comes with built in strainer and VIGO embossed chopping board. This allows you to use the sink and the space around it as effectively as possible, keeping your kitchen compact.

  • Reversible

The whole kitchen sink can be fitted one of two ways. You can have a flat front or slotted which just depends on your design preference.

VIGO have built a kitchen sink which has everything you need to make chopping, cooking and cleaning easy. It’s one of the simplest to maintain but offers a vibrant style which works in most kitchens. With aspects of modern and traditional design it has a number of features which allow you to make the most of your space. Definitely one to consider in your home.

Dekor’s acrylic sink is undermount which means it fits directly into your existing unit. From a fitting and plumbing perspective this makes it one of the simplest to install on the market with no fuss. It’s slightly smaller than other models at 25 inches but it’s still deep enough to do all the dishes you need.

Dekor’s sink also has central draining which allows you to empty the sink as quickly as possible. It comes with pre drilled holes which makes it even easier to install and it’s one of the lighter units but is still made with durable construction. It’s a classic white which works in almost every kitchen and gives a traditional look.

The Dekor’s undermount kitchen sink is made with a number of features that are beneficial to the user and make it one of our top three:

  • Highly Resistant

The Dekor sink has been made to last longer than alternatives with a highly resistant coating on the acrylic. This makes it uniquely resistant to stains and rust from oxidation, a common problem for kitchen sinks. Non abrasive cleaning products will work best on this sink but it’s general easy to clean and maintain.

  • Non Porous Finish

The finish also helps protect the colour of the sink. It’s easy to clean without the need for scrubbing which can damage the visible outer layer.

  • Handy Scrub Section

With a scrub section built into the sink’s model you can easily scrub your hand washables of on stubborn stains. This means you don’t have to spend extra to get an add on.

The Dekor kitchen sink is perfect to bring together and kitchen and let you get the most from any available space. It’s all about simplicity with this model and it can be fitted simply so you can use it quickly. It’s one of the lighter, cheaper models out there that provides a great deal of value to the user. Dekor have made a really useful and simple kitchen sink which is definitely one for those with a tight budget.

The Elkay model is an undermount sink which is also fitted right into the unit. This allows a seamless fit between the sink and the countertop and means you don’t have to use extra space fitting it in. The Elkay undermount sink is available in a range of colours from traditional white to more striking black so it can suit your existing furnishings.

This Elkay undermount sink is built with two equally sized bowls. This lets you spread the dishes or whatever else you might need to store in the sink and you can keep using the other half for independent washing or soaking. An offset drain is used so that the space at the base of the sink can be used more effectively.

The Elkay sink is well made with solid materials weighing in at 58 pounds. It’s been built to work well in an kitchen with the following features:

  • Extra Deep Bowls

High capacity bowls on both sides of the tap allow for more use. This lets you stack dishes, soak pots or use the space for handling large baking sheets or pans.

  • Quiet Cleaning

The materials used help minimise the sound and vibration caused by water and dishes. This means you can use it with confidence even late at night with no issues.

Scratch Resistant

The material is resistant to scratching from metals so you can slide your pans right in. It’s non porous and also resists rust and any staining. It’s easy cleaning and you can use any standard cleaning products.

The Elkay is one of the more premium kitchen sinks that brings quality to your kitchen. It offers more than some other sinks but does carry a slightly higher price tag. Nevertheless it is great value and will be useful in any home where the kitchen is busy or used heavily. This is one of the most popular kitchen sinks around and definitely one to check out if you’re looking for a new kitchen.

Choosing Your Kitchen Sink

An acrylic kitchen sink has a lot of benefits and these three all show how useful a well made sink is. They’ve got all the features of a well designed kitchen sink and a load of other features which make them uniquely useful.  If you are looking for another option for a kitchen sink, then I suggest you take a look at our Miseno sink review!

So if you’re in the market for a new acrylic sink then these three are a great place to start. Remember to look at all the specs and find one which fits your space and style and adds to your home.

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