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Best Tape for Walls 2018 – Painting Tape – Wall Mounting

By admin / November 25, 2017

Tape. Something we don’t think a lot about until it’s too late but something which is one of the most useful items in our kitchen drawer. Tape can be used for thousands of different things and it really is an essential in your home.  Picking the best tape for walls is essential to mounting without ripping paint off the walls, while still having a secure hold.

Unfortunately one of the most common uses of tape is on our walls and that’s where the problems start. Mounting tape is used to attach some lightweight items to the wall effortlessly. It’s got a load of benefits over screws or gluing which can be messy and difficult. With mounting tape you can simply stick it on and get going.

Top 3 Picks For Best Tape For Walls & Reviews!

Best Tape For WallsMost people know about mounting tape but they aren’t always aware of the problems associated with it. The wrong types of mounting tape won’t just be ineffective, they can actively damage your home. Marks on the wall, paint coming off and other damage can occur when using mounting tape and the only way to avoid it is to find the best brands.  If you do have some smudges or marks on your wall from tape, you might be able to clean it with some of these products.

So if you’re using tape to keep up posters, banners or anything else then check out our guide to the best tape for walls below.

Scotch tape are the most recognisable brand in the tape industry by a very long way. It’s not surprising that Scotch have made it to the top of the list because they’re experts with these products and know how to make tape that is most useful in the home.

Scotch Heavy Duty Tape is designed to hold a higher weight than most alternatives. It can support 2 lbs comfortably but can even go up to 5lbs! This means you can stick up even the heaviest banner with confidence that it won’t just slip and fall.

Scotch tape has been made to avoid damaging your walls. When removing it won’t leave any lasting marks and despite being effective it won’t rip off any wallpaper or paint with it.

A combination of useful and power the scotch tape comes in a pack of 3 and offers some impressive value. This foam mounting tape has a thickness of 0.06 which means it provides a solid hold. It’s always worth checking out the thickness of your mounting tape before purchase as this will directly impact the strength of the hold.

Scotch tape is the original and still one of the best in mounting tape. It’s always useful to have in the kitchen drawer.

Wingogh is another well known brand that’s been making tape for a long time. They’ve spent a lot of time perfecting their tape so it’s as useful as possible and can be relied upon within your home. While it may look like all tape is very similar Wingogh tape has a number of benefits over other brands:

  • Advanced Technology

Wingogh have advanced patented technology behind their double sided tape which makes it stronger than most others. Their tape provides adhesion on both rough and smooth surfaces that keeps everything up that’s meant to be up for longer. There’s a woven cotton cloth layer in the middle of two adhesive strips which provides greater stability.

  • Versatile Tape

Designed to be very strong Wingogh tape is perfect to be used for hanging, seaming, repairing and other decorations. It’s strong enough to handle weights of up to 2 pounds comfortably.

  • Resistant

Wingogh have made their tape to be reliable even in rougher conditions. It’s weather resistant and will last even in moist and humid conditions. It has also been tested in extreme temperatures to make sure it will still stick.

Wingogh have put a lot of time and effort into making a reliable mounting tape that does more than you’d expect. Wingogh tape is strong but still gentle on your walls so it won’t take anything off when you remove it. This makes it a perfect accessory to have and an essential for your home.

Adhere have designed their masking tape with painters in mind. Masking tape has long been used by painters and workman to protect areas while painting so you won’t go over the lines. This allows the delivery of sharp paint lines and can be removed cleanly with no residue.

Masking tape of course has used all over the home for securing anything. Masking tape is incredibly adhesive and the issue has always been that it would tear a layer of the wall or paint off with it when removing, or it will leave a mark. Adere have designed their tape so this is no longer an issue with carefree use.

Adere have made their tape to be durable. It can be removed up to 14 days later easily and won’t be affected by direct sunlight or any increase in temperature. It’s also easy to use with easy cutting, applying and removing. It’s safe to use on painted, varnished or wooden surfaces all over the home.

If you’re looking for a masking tape that’s gentle on your walls but still effective Adere have exactly what you’re looking for. They offer some good value with large rolls are a fraction of the price of alternative brands.

The Best Tape For Your Walls and Your Needs

If you’re putting stuff up around the home you can’t use regular cellotape, you have to find something more specialist. These mounting tapes offer an impressive hold while still protecting your walls making them some of the best around for your walls.

So if you’re a tape fiend and tired of the downsides then these three are definitely some of the best around offering some great value.

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