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How a New Garage Door Can Improve Your Home Value!

By Brett E. / July 25, 2018

To a homeowner, a home renovation comes with many benefits. It’s a great way to increase your living space when the family grows. It also makes your home more appealing. But the most important benefit is that it has the potential to increase the value of your home.

Although kitchen, living room and bathroom renovations are among the most common among homeowners, they don’t add as much value to your home as a new garage door does. Being such an important undertaking, garage door replacement is best left to the experts. In certain places, you will find professionals to do the job for you. They will also be available to carry out any repairs when the need arises.

Garage door replacement is arguably the least expensive of all home remodeling jobs. It ranks well below kitchen renovations and the addition of extra rooms. The fact that it doesn’t cost much is one of the reasons it is such a viable investment.

Here are some of the ways a new garage door can improve your home value:

1. It Enhances Home Safety and Security

A new garage door comes with features that can help improve the safety and security of your home. These are some of the factors that make your home attractive to prospective buyers. If you keep some of your most valuable items in your garage, you want it to be as secure as possible. A new door has an open system to ward off intruders. It also has sensing photo eyes to ensure that it doesn’t shut when there is any item on its path.

2. Transforms Your Curb Appeal

Garage DoorAny design-savvy homeowner knows the difference that a brand new garage door can make in giving their home an exterior facelift. A garage door occupies a large part of your façade making it one of the most visible features of your home. It is not less important than your front door. By choosing the most unique panel style and colors that give your give your home a cohesive and attractive look, you can improve the level of interest of prospective buyers.

3. It Reduces Energy Costs

The value of your home can go up by up to 4 percent with a new insulated garage door. One of the benefits of having an insulated door is that it maintains the temperature inside the garage and prevents outside air from entering your home. This means that less energy is used in air conditioning, thereby reducing your utility bills.

Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

Various circumstances can cause damage to your garage door. The fact that it is such an important investment makes it mandatory that you inspect it and carry out repairs on a regular basis. By maintaining and repairing it regularly, you will prevent minor issues from festering and costing you even more money.

Compared to the way they were a decade ago, today’s garage doors are way more superior. At the same time, there is a wider range of materials, designs and options to choose from. But the most important thing is that a new garage door is the surest way to increase your home value. As long as you choose wisely and use the best experts for the job, any money you spend will be worth it.

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