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How to Be Original in Decorating Your Home: 2018 Tips

By Brett E. / June 29, 2018

Different interior designers will tell you that to decorate your home, you need to keep its original architecture in mind and also stick to its roots. However, you should not confuse this for changing everything with Victorian furniture, but to only respect the original structure and space. If the home is aged, you should try to find materials used in the era it was built and blend them with modern materials. Even simple changes like hanging art on walls will have a strong impact. Here are more ideas you could consider for the best results while decorating your home.

Hang Contemporary Art

One of the easiest transformations you could make to your living room or any other walls in your home is hanging art pieces at strategic spots. Contemporary art could be cleverly juxtaposed with a subtle architecture of a traditional home. Choose artwork with colors to complement the existing furnishings, and this combination will give you a foolproof home décor solution that can work in different areas of your home.

Integrate Bright Colors

Bright Living Room ColorsAnother simple yet effective home décor idea is to work with bright colors, which could be used to create a modern feel while also echoing the traditional design of the home. Some canary yellow offers a rich option that could feel modern. Also, experiment with mint green to achieve a youthful and traditional look. To create an impression of bold and modern space, consider Klein blue. Of course, you could explore more other color options out there that are perfect to give your home the feel and look you desire to achieve.  By incorporating bright colors into your living room or dining room you add this sense of unique style to your home.

Embrace a Unique Layout

Living Room LayoutLayout speaks a lot about interior design and could be used to achieve a dramatic effect. Something like a floating daylight bed placed in the middle of a petite room comes out as a unique idea, not many, would think of. It works well to create a cozy feel. While choosing your furniture, listen to what your instinct suggests and look for something that no one would expect in the layout. You can learn from Standbondsa about some of the most effective layout arrangements that would help you to achieve a unique and versatile look.

Stick to Solid Colors

While working with intricate patterns, you could easily adopt a granny vibe, so to ensure you modernize your space, you should use solids. This is a safe solution to ensure your space addresses modernity while remaining traditional. Keep your patterns to a minimum as you don’t want to create a cluttered look. Also, go beyond the local for furniture. Blend Chinese, European, and American furniture, and also seek some ideas from African and Asian décor.

You have endless ideas you could pursue when you want to decorate your home. Instead of following common décor conventions that appear cliché, you could try something untouched. Be creative with colors and try to pick bright hues that help to bring out a modern look while also featuring a traditional aspect of design. Consider additional elements like art, which you could hang on walls to add character and make them livelier.

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