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How to Create The Bathroom of Your Dreams – Tips and Tricks

By Brett E. / July 20, 2018

To design your dream bathroom, you need to understand space planning and consider your needs. There are many ideas you could look into while designing a bathroom and you only need a little creativity to get the perfect bathroom. Add useful features and make the space admirable to achieve overall perfection.

Here are some tips you could borrow to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Plan an efficient layout:

Even the most appealing bathrooms have to take care of plumbing drains, vent stacks, and water lines. Choose a wet-wall layout that is suitable for your bathroom without compromising design; a one-wall layout includes the sink, shower, and toilet along one wall. This design is cost effective yet helping to bring out a perfect design that gives you room for décor options. However, this design is a bit limiting and only suitable if you have enough space.

Bathroom lighting options:

Bathroom LightingCreativity in the bathroom does not end with installing a beautiful sink and having proper arrangements of items. You also need to install proper lighting because this is what will put emphasis on the décor. Ideally, you should try wall-mounting lights on each side, placed about eye level. With this arrangement you are able to illuminate your face and it effectively eliminates shadows. When it comes to general lighting, ceiling-mounted fixtures can do. Add some mood with pendant lights or chandeliers. To spotlight different architectural features, it’s a good idea to have accent lights, which could be used to add mood and a sparkle.

Bathtub tips:

Bathtubs are a focal point in the bathroom that could be used to create a powerful impact. A freestanding bathtub could help to boost focus and could be streamlined like a sculpture. You could also install a platform bathtub with an unfinished exterior. The top should be made with a waterproof material like marble, limestone, vikrell or tile while the sides can be made from wood or tiles. To maximize relaxation in the bathtub, you could also opt for a whirlpool or soaking tub.  Similar to a bathtub, also consider a full shower enclosure.

Design a spa shower:

Luxury should not cost you much and is something you can have in your bathroom. A luxury shower will replicate a spa-resort experience, so you can come up with a variety of spray heads. The most common options are ceiling-mounted shower heads that soak you from above, and you can also try body sprays that do vertical spray to achieve a crisscross shower head. On top of these fixtures, you could add frameless glass doors that help to showcase the beautiful tile work.

Express style with cabinetry:

The modest single-sink cabinet offers you a number of options, ranging from double-sink vanities to creative storage hutches or wall-mounted cabinets. Showersly has a good collection of cabinetry samples you could use in your bathroom. Many reviews at Showersly encourage using bathroom cabinetry to help merge form and function. You could choose your preferred theme, whether vintage, contemporary, traditional or old world.

Creating a bathroom of your dream is something that takes a little creativity. The idea is to ensure the bathroom caters for both form and function. You can do this effectively with the inclusion of décor ideas such as having custom cabinets that double as storage spaces or to hold the sink. Don’t forget lighting, as this is what helps to illuminate the décor and different features in the bathroom.

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