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Ultimate Jeld Wen Windows Reviews – Comparisons and Reviews!

By admin / July 11, 2017

JELD-WEN have been operating under the name since 1960. The company began in Oregon with just 15 workers, passionate about their craft. They’ve grown fast and now have operations in 22 countries and employ 20,000 people.  In this Jeld Wen Windows Reviews guide we will be talking about the history of Jeld Wen, the types of windows they produce, the quality of these windows, and their windows warranty information.

About Jeld Wen

JELD-WEN can trace their roots back to long before 1960, stemming from a family owned business in Germany. As they’ve grown they’ve kept the hard working family attitude to manufacturing and ensured their standards remain as high as possible.

Jeld Wen Windows

JELD-WEN is built on the principles of quality, durability and style. Their factories are set up to give a consistent reliable quality and they’ve built up a healthy trust with their customers. Their designers get inspiration from around the world for their new product lines, creating unique styles for the customer.

Through their expansion they’ve acquired companies throughout the world, notably Denmark and Europe, and have used their expertise to diversify their product range. Now JELD-WEN have a wide range of products which are helping people improve their homes.

Selecting the right windows

Choosing the right windows for your home is absolutely crucial. With the wrong type there can be issues and it can ruin the look of a room. When browsing you need to keep in mind which materials to use (wood being common but others are available) and the colouring. The style needs to fit any existing decor and the feel of your home. It needs to have sufficient protection against the weather that you will face personally. Plus you need a design that looks stylish and fits your personality.  Along with this, depending on which direction your home is facing, you might need a different UV window.

Jeld Wen Windows Reviews

There’s a lot to look for in windows and it’s worth taking your time to find the right ones. Let’s see what JELD-WEN have on offer.

JELD-WEN Windows

JELD-WEN make furniture and home improvements for the whole home but are well known for their windows. They have a reasonably extensive range to let you explore the different options and find the best fit for your home. They offer several different types of window, these include:

● Flush Casement

● High Performance Casement

● Oak Casement

● Standard Casement

● Regency Casement

● Sliding Sash

● Bays

Each of these are built differently to fit in different spaces. They have a mixture of traditional and modern feels but your best bet is to visit your local supplier and see the choices for yourself if you aren’t sure.

Jeld Wen Window Sizes

Once you’ve settled on your window type you can have a look at the other options available. The main choices will be materials used. Common choices include timber/wood, aluminium and vinyl. Each gives a different look and feel and your choice will be determined by your personal preference and your existing home style. Timber gives a great look and if it fits with your home it’s worth checking out the options available.

There are a number of other options available to personalise your windows. Colour of the frame is important and type of glass. Other features include custom made windows (to fit irregular spaces) and a glazing bar design. Again for all of the options it’s worth checking out their website or asking your local dealer.

Finally you can see the energy rating for your windows. A great way to limit your costs long term is to invest in some reliable windows that will keep the heat in. JELD-WEN only deal in windows rated B, A, or A plus so they’ve all pretty decent. It’s often worth paying a little extra for the A plus rated windows because they’ll save you money in the long run.

Jeld Wen Window Parts

Almost all of the JELD-WEN windows are double or triple glazed, giving you added security and environmental protection. JELD-WEN are producing some pretty well made and varied windows which are suitable for most homes. The collection is large so make sure to get a good idea of what you’re after before checking them all out.

JELD-WEN Quality

JELD-WEN keep their standards pretty high and ensure consistency in their products through rigorous testing. The testing includes:

● Security

Burglars are given the chance to break into doors or through windows to make sure they are safe enough to put in your home. The windows are also tested against impact and observed how they react under heavy loads.

● Environmental

It’s extremely important to gauge how windows will hold up under the elements. They are tested against wind and water to make sure they can stand up to the conditions.

This testing ensures that the products are up to scratch and that they are appropriate for your home. JELD-WEN are always looking to improve their products and are using their innovative ideas to create new solutions to problems facing the public.

Jeld Wen Windows and Doors

JELD-WEN carefully select their materials from sustainable sources so that there is high quality in every piece they manufacture, from start to finish. All of this results in a reliable, durable and useful product range that will benefit the customer.

JELD-WEN Windows Reviews

There are some mixed reviews about JELD-WEN windows out there, but a lot of people appreciate the construction quality of the units:

“Jeld-Wen Premium Vinyl windows are very solid product. The sliding windows have the best rolling system on the market and the only aluminum track that I know of.” - Ashley P.

Others seem more sceptical and believe that for the price you can do better:

“Find another window company, Jeldwen is a poor quality window in any series” - Darnell O.

With the contrasting views it can be difficult to decide which way to go with JELD-WEN windows. The main thing to remember with all home improvements is that you do get what you pay for to a certain extent. JELD-WEN probably can’t compete with a lot of the high end window suppliers but they are also significantly cheaper.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that JELD-WEN normally deal with contractors and not homeowners. That means they have to keep their products fairly simple and affordable for big projects.

All in all JELD-WEN are getting a lot of decent feedback but perhaps be a little wary of using their cheapest products.

JELD-WEN Warranty

Jeld Wen Windows Warranty

JELD-WEN back up their product with a warranty that is fairly extensive. All windows are covered for up to 20 years, except vinyl windows which have a lifetime guarantee. The glass is also covered up to 20 years. This is a basic warranty that covers any material defects. Labour is covered for up to 2 years from purchase.

Warranties can vary between specific products so be sure to get all the details from your supplier. It’s always best to know where you stand if something does go wrong.

JELD-WEN Windows Reviews and Final Thoughts

JELD-WEN are primarily a new construction company. This means that they’re used to selling directly to contractors and in bulk. That makes them less suitable if you’re trying to remodel your home. It also means that individual orders are very small to them and you might experience some less than amazing customer service.

On the other hand their windows are well made, with some great features and their prices seem competitive. They’re certainly showing they know their way around windows and understand what the customer wants and needs.

For the price point their windows are pretty good value and if you’re putting them in a new build then they’re a great choice. If you are remodeling then make sure to talk through any concerns with your dealer.

Overall JELD-WEN windows seem solid and reliable with some great options to choose from they’re definitely worth considering in your home.

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