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5 Tips in Picking the Right Kind of Tiles for Your Home!

By Brett E. / September 10, 2018

As far as tile flooring is concerned, you will not complain of materials shortage, designs, textures, and colors that you may choose from. With many options, however, it is vital to understand that you cannot go for any tile that you find in the market.

With the following tips, you can find it simple to select the best tiles for your home.

1. The Hardness of the Tile

When you are searching for different kinds of tiles, an important aspect that you should not forget is paying attention to the tiles’ hardness. Tough tiles can withstand scratches, foot, and wear traffics. For example, porcelain tile can be suitable for the floors of your living room.

Here is a scale, which can help you make the right choice.

  • Class 1 – It is suitable for walls only.
  • Class 2 – It can be used in soft-soled areas where foot traffic is normal. You can use in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Class 3 – It fits where there are minimal scratches and normal wear traffic. You can use it in all rooms apart from the entryways and kitchens.
  • Class 4 – The tile is moderately heavy. You can install it in all the rooms of your home.
  • Class 5 – This tile is extra heavy. It fits where there is too much exposure to scratches and foot traffic. You can use the tile in commercial areas and in all the rooms.

2. The Porosity of the Tile

The solids and air holes evaluate the porosity of tiles. This dictates the water amount, which will be absorbed. If you intend to install the tile in an area that is prone to water like bathroom and kitchen, it will be prudent to consider quarry tiles.

Moreover, you need to consider the porosity classification of various tiles to assist you to select the best flooring tile.

  • Impervious tile – This kind of tile has 0.5% water absorption. It can be perfect for your bathroom and kitchen.
  • Vitreous tile – Its water absorption ranges from 0.5% to 3%.
  • Semi-vitreous tile – The absorption ranges from 3% to 7%.
  • Non-vitreous tile – It has the absorption rate of 7% and more. It is advisable not to use the tile as the floor.

3. Resistance to Slip

Many tiles are slippery. In case you have elderly people and children around the house, then it can be risky for them. It may be vital to set-up a tile, which is resistant to slippery. Bathrooms are perfect places where you can install the tile to avoid falling accidents from occurring. The below are options, which you can consider when buying a slip-resistance material for your floor.

  • Porcelain or ceramic tile – The materials have surfaces, which are textured in a special way.
  • Slates – They are beautiful stones, which have a natural resistant texture.
  • Pebble stones – They are highly textured.
  • Mosaic or glass tiles – The materials have many grout lines, which makes the tile resistant to slippery.

4. Tiles with Concrete Designs

These designs are modern, and you can use them to have an upscale feel. They are versatile materials, which may be used in different rooms such as the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Unlike other tiles, these designs can be customized and used in different ways. They come in different textures, color, and size. You will have many options, which you can choose from.The best part is that these designs are cost-effective. The installation process will not cost you a lot. It may cost you around $7 per square. They are durable designs, which can be used in heavy foot and wear traffics. Immediately the designs are installed, it will take you years before you replace them once more. However, the designs are tough in texture they can be risky to small kids, especially when they walk barefoot.

5. Quality and Luxury

If you prioritize durable and comfortable tile, then stone tiles may be suitable for you. The materials such as travertine, granite, and marble can assist you to increase the value of your home. Since the stones may be unlike, you will definitely get a unique floor.Large tiles may look good on your floor because they assist in creating the unvarying appearance. They may be perfect when it comes to interior designs. Importantly, you need to seal the tiles so that you may retain their durability and ability to fight stains. The unsealed ties may be vulnerable to water penetration.

With the above guidelines, it can be simple to select a tile of your choice. When it comes to installation, it would be best to hire a reliable and competent contractor. Make sure the professional is specialized when it comes to house flooring; the job will be professionally executed.

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