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By admin / February 9, 2017

If you are someone that is looking for a quality company that can provide you with a variety of types of furniture and products without having to worry about the quality and the price, then I have something for you.  I first found the company Allen Roth around 10 years ago off of a suggestion from a friend.  I had just purchased a new home and I was scouring Home Depot and looking for quality products to fill my new empty home; Allen and Roth was a godsend!  

When I first started looking at these products I was really blown away at the quality of the pieces.  Now, I'm not one to really judge a product by the price, but it's human nature to carefully look at the quality if a price is quite reasonable.  That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the price for these pieces because the quality was great, and I've had my fixtures and patio furniture from Allen & Roth for about five years and they still look great![

Types of Allen Roth Products

As I said, a great thing about this company is that they truly do offer hundreds of different types of products.  While this gives you a huge amount of options to choose from, it can also make it hard to know where to start.  That being said, below you will find individual summaries about each different type of followed with a link to a more in-depth review of these products.  

Types of Allen and Roth Products Price
AR Lighting 20$-200$
AR Flooring 10$-75$ SqFt
AR Patio Furniture 50$-2500$
AR Gazebo 250$+
AR Vanity 150$+
AR Closet 25$-250$
AR Ceiling Fan 75$-250$
AR Wallplates 5$-25$
AR Curtains 25$-100$

​Allen Roth Lighting: Light Up the Room

Allen & Roth made a name for itself in the lighting industry when it first began back in the 1990's.  They really gained traction when they introduced their set of pendant lights, which was actually one of the first products I bought from them.   The thing that really struck me about their lights were the sleek modern style.  

Allen Roth Lighting

I was originally attracted to the elegance and low profile of their pendant lights.  I was looking for a new set of lights for my kitchen, and this fit perfectly for what I was looking for.  I did the installation myself and if you are handy you'll have no issues with the installation.  A few weeks after I installed these lights I started to really appreciate the craftsmanship and I began looking for other lighting pieces.

Allen Roth Chandelier

I went to the store and I started looking at all the other types of Allen & Roth lighting, and I found that they produced chandeliers, lamps, outdoor lights, and a few other lighting fixtures. After seeing some great pieces, I eventually started pulling the trigger and buying different light pieces. Within a year I owned about eight different pieces and they all looked great, and were exactly what I was looking for!

​One of my favorite pieces has to be the chandelier. I have always wanted a chandelier but I never really envisioned myself owning a house that mimicked the great halls you always see chandeliers displayed in. Thankfully with these chandeliers, they are designed to be able to placed in most homes and still look amazing! I have my chandelier in the hallway near the entrance to my home, and it provides a level of elegance that otherwise would be lost!​

​In the end of the day, if you are looking for any type of lighting, then Allen and Roth is the company for you. I currently own quite a few different lighting pieces from them, and they are great. They have the durability to last years, and they have an amazing array of styles and materials.

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Allen Roth Patio Furniture - Relax in Style

As I mentioned earlier, not only does Allen Roth produce a variety of interior products, they also manufacture outdoor products like patio furniture!  If you are someone that enjoys spending outdoor time with family, then you need a comfortable place to do that!  That is where Allen and Roth Patio Furniture comes into play!  Because I live in the south, the majority of the year is absolutely beautiful, and there is plenty of time to spend outside.  

Allen Roth Patio Furniture

That being said, if you are going to spend a lot of time outside of your home with company, you need a comfortable place to sit and relax!  Allen & Roth has a wide range of outdoor furniture including sectionals, chairs and patio tables.  This allows you to customize your patio and truly set up a range of furniture on your patio that gives you a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The main two factors that keep me running back to these patio furniture pieces is their comfort and their durability.  Of course when you are looking to relax, you want something that is comfortable and will allow you to stay seated for long amounts of time.  

Along with that, it's extremely important for your furniture to be durable as well.  Patio furniture has to be able to withstand the harshest of weather since the majority of it will be outside throughout the year.  Thankfully Allen Roth patio furniture is some of the most durable around.  I have owned my set for the past four years.  They have been through a few different snow storms in the winters and have been through quite a few blazing summers and they still look amazing!  When you are looking for furniture, Allen and Roth is the way to go!

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Enjoy the Summer With an Allen Roth Gazebo!

Similar to patio furniture, another way to enjoy the summer breeze while still staying out of the summer heat is a gazebo!   Gazebos are great because they provide you with a nice sitting area to converse, while providing you with shelter from the sun.  Gazebos are shelters with a roof, and have a railing or seats around where the walls would be.  This allows you to enjoy the environment while staying out of the rain but enjoying the wind.  You will often see gazebos in public parks or gardens which allow visitors to sit around and converse in a comfortable place.  

I first set up my Allen and Roth gazebo in my backyard near my pool, and it really created a focal point for my visitors to converse.  It allowed us to sit around on the bench seats and talk, and we also put a table inside to help provide a little homeliness.  Every summer and often in the spring and fall I find myself and some friends and family sitting around and truly just enjoying each others company.  

As for the quality, I was truly impressed!  Because gazebos are quite large and can be a good chunk of cash, you really want to make sure you get a gazebo that has good quality and will last you years.  Thankfully these Allen and Roth gazebo's are truly greatly designed.  They look great, as you can see from the pictures, and they are quite durable.  If my gazebo can last the past seven years in the North Carolina summer heat while still looking great, then I would say that the durability and quality is pretty great!

Learn More About Allen Roth Gazebo's Here

Redo Your Wood With Allen Roth Flooring!

Allen Roth Lighting

Now that we have talked about a few interior and exterior products, it's time to talk about one of the biggest imporvements you can make to your home; redoing the floors.  When I first bought the current house I'm living in, I came in knowing that I was going to redo the floors in the first few years.  They were quite beat up, and not exactly the color I would have chosen.  Thankfully I had a plan in mind!  I knew when I purchased the home that I was going to upgrade the floors with Allen and Roth Flooring!

Allen Roth Flooring is one of Allen & Roth's newer products, but based on the quality you would think they've been doing flooring for a lifetime!  

I knew when I was originally looking for a new set of floor I wanted something dark that dispelled a modern vibe to my home.  Along with this, I was pretty open to both laminate flooring and hardwood flooring, thankfully Allen and Roth flooring came in both laminate and hardwood!  

Allen Roth Laminate Flooring

Once purchased, the installation of these floors was simple enough, it is installed just like any set of flooring, and mine were made without and hiccups.  

I ended up getting dark magoghany flooring from AR, and they absolutely stunning!  They matched the mood in my home, and really took my new home to the next level!  The craftsmanship was outstanding, I didn't see any obviously bends or cracks, and they were extremely smooth.  

As for durability, I have owned these floors for a little over five years and they still look great.  Technically I can't say that they will last you for 10 years + because I haven't made it that far yet, but because they look amazing after five years, I think theres a great chance of these floors staying this way for many many years!

Overall if you are looking to upgrade your floors, then these are the ones for you!  Allen + Roth have really done great work with these floors, they look absolutely amazing with their dark and rich colors, and sleek designs.  

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Clean Up the Clutter With an Allen Roth Vanity!

Allen Roth Vanity

If you are anything like my wife, then you need to be organized.  And, that is easier said than done, especially in the bathroom where there are many small different products like all your cosmetics and towels and toilet paper, ect.  That being said, there is a way to keep all your bathroom/bedroom items organized while providing you with a stylish piece to accompany your room; a vanity!  Vanities are often found in bedrooms and bathrooms and often fitted with a mirror as well.  Along with that, there are some that are fitted with a sink, and others that aren't.  Generally they have a few cabinets as well that can be used to store any cosmetics or other miscellaneous items.  

Not that we have gone over what a vanity is, it's time to learn about an Allen and Roth vanity!  Allen + Roth has been manufacturing these vanities for the past ten years, and they have truly mastered their craftsmanship.  They generally produce bathroom vanities that are featured with a sink, with or without a mirror, and pull cabinets or door cabinets.  They generally come in a beautiful dark color, and are made of beautiful dark woods and tile.  

Allen and Roth Bathroom Vanity

As for durability, these babies are built to last!  I have had my two door, sink vanity from Allen Roth for the past six years, and it looks absolutely great!  It's a bathroom vanity, so it provides me with a place to organize all my bathroom cosmetics, while providing my bathroom with a stylish sink option.  

In the end of the day, if you are trying to spice up your bathroom or bedroom while giving you a place to organize items, then a vanity is the way to go!  Furthermore, you can't go wrong with an Allen + Roth vanity!  They provide the durability and the craftsmanship that is built to last.  I definitely recommend them to all my friends!

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Clean Up Your Bedroom With an Allen Roth Closet

For anyone that has a lot of clothes and shoes, then storage space is a huge deal when looking at a new home or even remodeling your current home. I recently was helping a friend overcome this problem as they were considering selling their house just because of this single reason, but thankfully we came up with the solution of purchasing an Allen Roth Closet instead of purchasing a new home!

Allen Roth Closet

Closets are great for storing your personal goods, and keeping them out of the open and keeping them nice and organized. Now nearly every modern house has closets and they aren't necessarily a new thing, but Allen and Roth closets are completely revolutionizing the closet organization world. These systems are great for people in tight spaces or people that need organization in their life. Since there is quite a lot to talk about with these new closets I made my own page dedicated to them!

Learn More About Allen Roth Closets Here!​

Improve Air Flow With an Allen Roth Ceiling Fan!

When you are looking at lighting and new fixtures for your home, you can easily forget about ceiling fans. As i'm sure you are aware, ceiling fans are great for spicing up the look of your room as well as providing a much needed relief from the heat. I personally think that every room in your house except for a select few deserve to have a fan in them. Because of this, last year I decided on buying my very first Allen Roth ceiling fan!

Allen Roth Ceiling Fan

Allen and Roth ceiling fans are great because of their modernistic feel and also because of their functionality. These fans provide a gently breeze that gives the entire room a pleasant feel. Before buying this fan, I hadn't replaced a fan by myself, so this was quite the adventure for me. I was actually pleasantly surprised on how easy the actual installation was. I spent around an hour standing on a ladder in my family room installing our new fan, and then I was done! I have so much information to share, so I decided to create a whole page for this subject!

Learn More About Allen Roth Ceiling Fans Here!​

Spice Up Your Life With Allen Roth Wallpaper!

Allen Roth Wallpaper

As people that are interested in interior design, there are so many little things you can do to help change the style and the look of your home. Some of these elements may seem very small and insignificant but they all are part of the bigger picture, and they all play an important part. My biggest example of this was when I introduced Allen Roth wallpaper into my home! Originally my walls were just painted a straight solid color without any type of decoration.

I knew I had to give my walls a little sprucing up, and that's when I knew I should use a new wallpaper style! So I went to Lowes and looked at their decoration department, and I picked out my favorite Allen and Roth wallpaper!

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