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Scaleblaster Reviews 2018 – Water Softener Tips – Is Your Water Safe?

By admin / November 29, 2017

For anyone who hasn’t suffered the problems of hard water let me tell you, it’s a nightmare. It can cause havoc on your home and for your life in general unless you’re able to manage it. If you’re moving into a new place and you’ve found hard water then you’ll need to act fast if you don’t want some long term problems on your hands.  In this Scaleblaster reviews guide you will learn about hard water, and how you can fix it with the Scaleblaster SB-75!

What is hard water?

Hard WaterWe all know what makes up water but often impurities can get mixed up in there disrupting the balance. Hard water is water but with a high mineral count. This occurs when it’s picked up calcium and magnesium deposits which have filtered down through the ground into the source. There can also be iron deposits found in hard water.

Despite how this sounds it isn’t ideal having these minerals in your water. Unfortunately a lot of the time harmful bacteria can make its way into the water stream along with them causing a load of problems.

The Problem with Hard Water

The most concerning problem comes from tap water. Your water can have a strange smell to it and taste unpleasant. If drunk regularly for too long there can be health problems for you and your family. This is the most serious issue with hard water and often means you need to use expensive filters.

Hard water can also cause strange staining around your home, particularly your bathroom. The water will react with certain chemicals and often appear rusty brown leaving stains.

When you’re showering hard water can ruin the experience too. Studies have shown that soap is actually ineffective when used with hard water meaning you aren’t getting anywhere near as clean as you might expect.

This is the same with your clothes. You’ll find that your washing machine isn’t getting your clothes clean because the hard water isn’t allowing any detergent to do it’s job.

Perhaps most inconvenient is the damage it can do to machinery and your pipes. These mineral deposits will eventually be transferred and cause blockages to your pipes. It can also damage items like washing machines and dishwashers. Both of these issues are costly to fix and will involve professionals getting involved.  Along with this, this stress on the pipes will eventually cause your ball valves to rust and break.

 How to Fix Hard Water With Scaleblaster

As we can see hard water can be a real problem and really cause issues in your day to day life. Fortunately this is a more common problem than you might think and some solutions have been set up to help you deal with the issue. The most common of these is a water conditioner.

Water conditions are used to help remove the elements within your water, leaving you with clean, normal flowing water. There are number of different varieties of conditioning systems out there and a lot of different brands producing them. We’ve found one of the most popular, the Scaleblaster conditioning system.

The Scaleblaster is designed to help give you a normal existence in your home and stop the issues of hard water. This means clean running water, a normal shower and a healthier family. It is also equipped with a system that helps filter any existing deposits from the system which could be clogging your pipes and machinery.

The Scaleblaster SB-75 is fitted directly into your water system and acts as a filter. It removes any limescale from the water you use before you use it. It can be fitted yourself and is simple enough that you don’t need a plumber. The whole system is a computerized system that moves away from the more crude methods. Instead of using chemicals or salt which can have some side effects it uses a unique filtration system.

This product first appeared in 1995 and has since been advanced and developed further. It’s one of the best selling on the market and has been made to be uniquely effective at solving the hard water problem.

  • A Tough System

This well made system has been designed to deal with high levels of impurities in the water. It can handle water levels up to 19 grains and remove the impurities with no issue. However bad your hard water problem the Scaleblaster is on it.

  • Easy Installation

This device is compact enough that you need very little space to install it. It can only be used indoors but no professional plumber is needed to fit it and you will be able to follow the instructions and do it yourself at home.

  • Electric Conditioning

Just 15 watts is needed by this cordless filter to condition your water and remove any of the unwanted chemicals. This isn’t a big power drain and won’t inflate your electric bills.

An intelligently designed and long lasting system the Scaleblaster is one of the best weapons in the fight against hard water. It’s excellent at what it does and is made to be simple too. Easy fitting and good results. Let’s take a look at the user reviews.

Scaleblaster Reviews and User Experiences

There is a bit of a divide of opinion when it comes to the Scaleblaster even though the majority of reviews are positive. People seem to appreciate the simple nature of the product and how fast it can start working:

“unbelievable, within hours my pressure improved drastically. Installation correctly is key.” – Otto B.

Other more negative reviews claim that the product in fact does very little for them and hasn’t solved the issue.

Generally it seems that people really appreciate the product and how it can improve the condition of their hard water. I think people perhaps expected more from the product in terms of undoing old damage to pipes and machinery. I think this is optimistic and while it will have an impact on your current hard water situation, if damage has been done to your pipes or infrastructure from years of previous hard water, then Scaleblaster won’t be able to reverse that.

Overall the feedback is very positive and leads us to believe that the Scaleblaster is a reliable solution to hard water. 

Final Thoughts on ScaleBlaster Water Conditioning System

The Scaleblaster is a reasonable alternative to a lot of the salt and chemical based products on the market today. It seems that if installed correctly there are a number of benefits from using this product. It’s worth noting that the Scaleblaster is a water conditioner and not a water softener. A water softener will change the calcium to salt whereas the conditioner will remove it completely. This is a benefit to anyone on a low sodium diet.

If you’re looking to try and improve your home and remove the hard water from your life then the Scaleblaster could well be the answer. It’s definitely one to consider when looking for a water conditioner.

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