Picking the Best Shower Faucet 2018 – User Reviews and Complaints!

By admin / August 3, 2017

Choosing the right shower faucet for your home is more important than you might think. There are a number of practical and stylistic choices you’ll need to make before selecting the right one and there are a number to choose from.  Thankfully in this post we will do quite a few shower faucet reviews which will give you a variety of choices to pick from that are all extremely high quality, and will be perfect for your home!

What to Look For in a Shower Faucet​

Your bathroom is a crucial part of your home and says a lot about it. All the elements within reflect your personality, so choosing the ones which suit your tastes and needs is essential. Finding the best shower faucet to fit your family is important.

You’ll also have to find the right style for you. Home styling ranges from traditional to modern and your bathroom does too. There are a number of different shower faucets available and you’ll have to select the one which matches existing furnishings.

Best Shower Faucet

Perhaps most importantly you’ll need to find the shower faucet which meets your needs. The bathroom and shower are a place for relaxation and in increasingly stressful times it’s crucial to find one which can help you unwind. Many shower faucets now have a number of functions and pressure settings available and you’ll do well to explore the options.

Overall your shower and your shower faucet need to work well with you and with your home. By taking the time to find the right one and not settling, it’ll pay off dividends in the long run.  Although having a great shower faucet is extremely beneficial, you will also need to check out our shower valve reviews page to make sure you have a great valve to match!

There is a lot of choice out there, so we’ve identified our top three choices of shower faucets that we believe will add value to your bathroom.

S R SUNRISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower

S R SUNRISE are shower specialists who design and develop luxury shower faucets and appliances for the home. They have a diverse collection of styles ranging from traditional shower fittings to more modern designs.

SR Sun Rise SRSH-F5043 Rain Shower Faucet Reviews

S R SUNRISE consider themselves innovators in the industry. All of their showers are built with the user in mind, with added features and extras to give the customer the best experience while at home.

S R SUNRISE Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Features

This luxury rain shower is wall mounted with two different shower heads. One is handheld and versatile while the other is a rain shower, mounted above. Designed to give the even and constant feeling of warm rain it’s built to give a deep relaxing clean.

The luxury rain mixer shower features:

● Stainless Steel Rain Shower

● Brass hand shower and valve

● Chrome Finish

● Waterfall Shower

● Rain Shower

● Consistent Pressure

● Hot and Cold Settings

● Contemporary Style

This shower comes with all the valves and handles needed. Well built and with a number of different options for showering the S R SUNRISE Luxury Rain Shower it showing itself to be a great choice when it comes to your bathroom.

SR Sun Rise Shower Head

S R SUNRISE Shower User Reviews

Feedback on the S R SUNRISE Luxury Rain Shower is overwhelmingly positive:

“This is the best shower head I have ever installed. very easy to retro-fit and is of very good quality material. The flow is very soothing and it saves water. Excellent product.” - Roberto F.

The only real criticism of the product from some users is that it doesn’t cope well with low water pressure:

Rainfall Shower Faucet

“Our water pressure is currently low, so was hoping for a transformation. My mistake. Nice enough but don't expect miracles!” - Jordan H.

This is a common problem for those with low water pressure, if you have this issue then perhaps look into a more specialist shower faucet that has been designed to deal with the problem.

Overall customers seem really pleased with their purchase. The shower faucet has gone above and beyond what they expected and is meeting their needs on a daily basis.

My Final Thoughts on the S R SUNRISE Shower Faucet

The S R SUNRISE Luxury Rain Mixer Shower has been built using quality materials and modern technologies. This gives the user a more relaxing and complete shower experience. It’s perfect for practically every household and while it isn’t the cheapest option out there, if it fits your budgets it’s a great investment.

Aquafaucet Bathroom Shower Faucet

Aquafaucet have been operating for over 25 years and are well known for their shower faucets. They specialise in designing and producing original faucets, with their focus on creating well made and lasting products.

Aquafaucet Bathroom Shower Faucet Reviews

Currently their faucets are in homes all over the world and are commonly used in commercial projects. Known for their reliability and durability, Aquafaucet have made a name for themselves within the industry.

Aquafaucet Shower Faucet Features​

The Aquafaucet bathroom shower faucet is wall mounted with an 8 inch overhead rain shower and a handheld shower application. The unit is made from oil rubbed bronze, giving a distinctive and classic look. It’s unique and perfect for a traditional bathroom.

The Aquafaucet bathroom shower faucet features:

● Multiple functions: overhead rainfall shower, handheld spray feature

● Diverter switch between functions

● Hot and Cold water functions

● Adjustable shower height- 70-120cm

Aquafaucet Shower Faucet Temperature Control

The Aquafaucet bathroom shower has been made to last and offers a reliable shower experience. Simple to fit with some useful features that add an element of luxury to your shower, it’s no surprise it’s one of the most popular choices.

Aquafaucet Bathroom Shower Faucet User Reviews

The user feedback indicates that Aquafaucet have done a good job with this shower faucet:

“Excellent piece. Fits well into the cable and handheld. I used this to be able to adjust the power and output of our handheld as it had quite the punch when it was turned all the way on. Now my kids can turn it down to a proper level when they're using the hand-held” - Arnold M.

The positive reviews far outweigh the negative for this product and overall this product seems up to the task. It’s useful for the whole family and customers tend to agree to adds value to your bathroom and home.

Aquafaucet Shower Head Reviews

Aquafaucet Bathroom Shower Faucet Reviews

This product is made in China, which can raise alarm bells, but is generally well made. The style is distinctive and with multiple functions it operates well. One of the more affordable units out there it’s a good choice for your bathroom, providing it fits your style.

​Auralum Chrome Finish Shower Faucet

Auralum are the Chinese company that have made a name for themselves creating home furnishings. They have a varied product range but specialise in bathroom and shower faucets.

Operating primarily out of Amazon they’ve developed a reputation for their stylish and long lasting bathroom features. They make hundreds of thousands of sales a month, and are regarded as one of the more reliable shower faucet producers.

Auralum Chrome Finish Shower Faucet Reviews

Auralum Chrome Finish Shower Faucet System Features

The Auralum Shower Faucet System is wall mounted and made out of stainless steel, with a chrome finish. Featuring an 8 inch overhead rain shower, and handheld shower system, it gives more functionality than traditional shower faucets.

The Auralum Shower Faucet System is available in a range of different models. These vary in price and have distinctive styles and features. If you’re able to afford more, then it’s worth checking out the whole range.

The Auralum Shower Faucet Systems feature:

● Thermostatic control to keep water temperature constant, despite others using the water flow.

● Modern Style

● Lightweight

● Durable and Corrosion Resistant

● Made from Stainless Steel with Brass Faucet. Features ABS Hand-shower

Auralum Chrome Finish Shower Faucet Heat Reviews

● Adjustable Shower Height

The Auralum Shower Faucet has been made to be easily transportable. It comes with all the parts needed and is easy to fit into your bathroom, with no need of a specialist. It has some useful features and is made with solid materials to give a durable product.

Auralum Chrome Finish Shower Faucet User Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Auralum Shower Faucet seem pleased with the results:

“very nice design and well built style. I mounted it myself with the included instructions. very professional team and super satisfied with making business at low price” - Hank S.

Auralum Shower Faucets

The only real downside of the product is that it isn’t available in every country yet. While it does ship to the U.S.A and parts of Europe, the U.K doesn’t seem to be an option. Hopefully this will change in time.

Final Thoughts on the Auralum Shower Faucet

The Auralum Shower Faucet is definitely one of the more basic shower faucets out there. It’s a simple design with a few different functions, but it’s very affordable and easy to fit. Great for those who appreciate value.

A popular choice for homeowners and is useful for the whole family. Made the last and resistant to corrosion it’s a good investment in the long term.

One of the most affordable options, it’s certainly one to consider when choosing a shower faucet.

Choosing the Best Shower Faucet

Each of these three products has made the list because of the value they bring to the home. They fit different budgets and appeal to different tastes but they all offer a range of functions with a reliable flow.

Each of these products are easy to fit and work well in most homes. If you’re looking for a new shower faucet you can’t go wrong with any of them, but if you’re able to afford it the S R SUNRISE Bathroom Luxury Rain Shower is the one to go for.

All of these three shower faucets are proving very popular with customers around the world, and it’s clear to see why. Check them out today if you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom.

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