Picking the Best Toilet Flapper 2017 – Reviews and Comparisons!

By admin / April 18, 2017

As many of you i'm sure know, having a smoothly running toilet can be one of the underrated features of a home, of course until the toilet becomes a problem.  Having quality materials and parts in your toilet is extremely important and allows your toilet to run smoothly every time.  If you have ever had a leaky toilet because of a leaky seal or a malfunctioning fill valve, then you will know how aggravating it can be.  Thankfully if you have good parts then you won't have any problems, and one of the most important parts to good toilet health is having the best toilet flapper.  

What Does a Toilet Flapper Do?

A toilet flappers job is to help provide the seal for the flush valve in the tank, while maintaining the volume of water that is released when the toilet is flushed.  As you can gather, the flapper plays a huge role in the amount of water that is either used or wasted if improperly functioning.  

If you have an improperly functioning toilet flapper then you generally will be greeted with dripping water, and stains on the outside of the toilet and your floors because the tank won't be able to hold the right amount of water.  This not only will make a huge mess and can cause other problems, but it can also waste a lot of water!​  If you are noticing a large amount of water surrounding the seal along the ground it could also be a broken flange, so check out our toilet flange reviews for some good options.

Picking the Best Toilet Flapper - Features and Functions

If you have decided to upgrade your toilet flapper, or you have been forced to replace your previous one, then you will need to do a little research first.  As new types of toilets come out on the market, different functions become available.  These new functions affect how a flapper works, and the different functions or features of a function.

To make sure you purchase the correct type of flapper, you might need to take a look at the manual for your toilet.  The two main things you need to look at is the diameter or your toilets valve, and the gallons per flush (GPF) of your toilet.

Each of these two affects what type of flapper you will need, and certain flappers will only work if they are certified for that diameter or that GPF.

My Top Three Best Toilet Flapper Reviews 2017!

Because there are quite a few different toilet flappers and only some of them will fit and work for your toilet, I have decided to review three different options to help make sure there is something that will work for you!

Kohler GP85160 2-Inch Toilet Flapper

Kohler is pretty much a household name in the world of toilets and plumbing, and it's because of their solid customer service and their excellent product quality.  Although this flapper was originally designed for Kohler toilets, this 2-inch flapper works for a large amount of two piece toilets.  

This toilet flapper includes the styrofoam float which makes installation a breeze.  In case you didn't know these floats are meant to slow down the flapper from closing too quickly and helps to provide a steady and consistent flush every time!

Overall, toilet flappers are quite simple and all you really need is a durable product that fits your toilet, and works every time.  Thankfully this Kohler GP85160 two inch flapper has quality made and will last you years while providing you with a consistent flush!

The only issue I have noticed with this flapper is that the chain is quite long.  If this chain is too long for your toilet like it was for mine, you can either double loop it when you are installing it, or you can take off the fastener and cut off some extra chain with a scissors and then reattach the fastener.

In the end, you can't go wrong with this Kohler piece, it is my first pick for flappers, and it is what I recommend to all my friends with two piece toilets.

Korky 2021BP G-Max Flapper For TOTO Toilets

If you are an owner of a TOTO toilet then occasionally you might have to do some slight repairs, and that includes changing or replacing the toilet flapper.  The thing with TOTO toilets is that they run with specific configurations, so when you are replacing the flapper, you will need this TOTO approved flapper.  

This TOTO Toilet flapper is designed for every TOTO toilets except for the following:

  • CST43SD
  • CST744SD
  • CST44SLD
  • CST743SDB
  • CST744SDB

But, don't worry, if you are the owner of any of these above TOTO toilets, I will link you to your best options!  

Overall, this Korky toilet flapper is a great solution for any TOTO toilet that needs a new flapper.  Installation is extremely easy and these parts are among some of the most durable I have used.  One unique feature of this flapper is the red rubber that it is manufactured out of that is built to resist chlorine and to increase work life.  

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