Picking the Best Toilet Flange 2017 – Reviews and Comparisons

By admin / June 11, 2017

In this guide, we’ll be going some of the top toilet flanges on the market – but first, let’s talk about the toilet flange. If you are not sure what in the world that is, read ahead, we’ve not only given a summary of what it is and what it does, we have included our picks for the best toilet flange available on the market!  If you are interested in other toilet related repairs we also have guides on the best toilet augers, and the best toilet fill valves.

What is a Toilet Flange?

Best Toilet Flange

If you are wondering to yourself, “what is a toilet flange”? Then you are in the right place – simply put, if you want a toilet in your house or living place, you will need a toilet flange. These are special devices used to mount a toilet to your house.  These flanges are plastic pieces that essentially fit between the bottom of the toilet and the piping that is built into your floor.  This helps to ensure a tight fit between the two, and ensure that there is no leaking possible.  Along with this you will need a toilet seal as well.  If you are looking for repairs inside of the toilet instead of the piping, take a look at our toilet flapper reviews guide.

Types of Toilet Flanges

The main difference we could find between all the toilet flange in the market is the size of the toilet flanges – and the material they are made out of. The size of the toilet flange will widely depend on the size of your toilet, and the size of the piping that is built in your flooring.  The standard sizes for flanges are 4" and 3", and you will easily be able to find parts for both.

More importantly, you’ll want to find a toilet flange that will be able to support and hold up your toilet – spending a few more bucks on one that has the strength and durability over time is essential in making sure that you are not buying another one the next year.

Top 3 Toilet Flange Reviews and Comparisons​

Because there are quite a few different toilet flanges on the marketplace, and each one may have specific toilets/sizes it can use, I have decided to review my 3 favorite toilet flanges that are extremely durable and will easily get the job done!

First Choice: Oatey 43539 Toilet Flange

The first flange on this list is the Oatey 43539!  Overall I would say this is the best toilet flange on the market currently because of its durability and its ease of installation.

The one thing that we loved about-about the Oatey 43539 is that it is easy to install – for most of the other models in the market, it requires a lot of Googling and looking through the installation guide but for the Oatey 43539, what we found is that you can simply slip the toilet flange in and tighten 3 bolts and seal the connection, and you are good to go!

Most of the customers on Amazon loved the fact that instead of calling a plumber to fix old iron flanges, they simply bought Oatey 43539 off Amazon and replaced  their old flanges with it. They not only saved hundreds of dollars this way but they made sure that they were replacing and old unit with a new one.

One thing that we admired about the Oatey 43539 is the fact that it is made here in the United States – that’s right, its not made overseas which means that you can expect a better overall quality.  That being said, one that thing absolutely stands out with this toilet flange is its durability.  It is made of PVC cast iron which makes it extremely durable, and I have owned these flanges for years and they have outlasted a few past flanges I have installed.

The only downside we could find with the Oatey 43539 is that it is a bit pricier than its peers on the market, but we feel that it is well worth it. You are not only getting a great product but the fact that it is so effortless and straightforward to install means that you are not only saving money but also time!

Next by Danco 9D0010672X Toilet Flange

My next choice on this list is the Next by Danco 9D0010672X – if you need a solid pick, get the Danco today!

One thing that we love about the Danco is the fact that it is easy to install and easy to use – we were looking for a product that even novices could pick up.

The price of the Danco is a few bucks lower than our main pick, so if you are on a budget, then you might consider pickup up this model instead. Even more so if you are looking to replace your toilet, then you are looking upwards of thousands for a replacement, so you’re best next alternative is to replace it yourself and save tons of money.

The only downside we could find with the Danco is that it only has around a 3-inch diameter so if you need something bigger you could getting our main pick or looking for something else in the market.

Overall if you are looking for a solid product that is easy to install for a cheap price, then this Danco is a great option!

PASCO 21013 Toilet Flange

If you need a cheaper alternative, take a look at our budget pick the PASCO 21013 – this will not break the bank if you need something to replace the flange that you currently have.

The only thing that we disliked about the PASCO 21013 is that it might have two extra tabs on top that you may not need – this is not a big deal in fact what most people do is they just grind off the tabs if they find that it interferes with the seating of the toilet.

Now installing the PASCO 21013 is not as easy as some of the other models on this list but it certainly is not rocket science either. To be honest with you, the hardest part of installing the PASCO 21013 is drilling holes in the bathroom floor – you may need to pull out your driller or else you will have a rough time.

The metal on the PASCO 21013 is not as thick as some of the other models on this list but for the price that it is set at – its still pretty good. If you do need something that it more heavy duty, then something else on the market may better suit you needs.

All in all, if you are looking to save yourself form an expensive plumbing bill then you should be in good hands if you purchase the PASCO 21013 – this not only is an inexpensive toilet flange but its straightforward to use!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion if you need a solid toilet flange look through the list we have compiled – whether it be our main pick the Oatey 43539, or our runner-up the Next by Danco 9D0010672X or even our budget pick the PASCO 21013, we have no doubt you will be able to find something that will fit your needs. Just remember purchase something that will not only fit your budget but also your DIY needs – if you need something heavy duty, get something heavy duty otherwise, just find something that’ll fit your toilet and you should be good to go.

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