Moen vs Delta Faucets 2018 – Reviews and Comparisons Between Brands

By admin / November 29, 2017

 Your kitchen is where you spend a lot of time in the home cooking, cleaning and even just hanging around, It see’s a lot of use. No place sees more use than the kitchen sink and in fact around 60% of your time in the kitchen is spent in front of it. The Kitchen faucet is a key element of your kitchen and with the amount of use it’s getting you’ll need to make sure you have one that’s up to the task.  In this Moen vs Delta Faucets reviews guide you will learn which is the best faucet brand company for your kitchen.

There’s been a lot of change with kitchen faucets in the past few years. Style has become a lot more important with new models being made to challenge what we’ve been used to traditionally. With these style changes there’s also been a demand for consistent performance and improved features. More utility needs to be included in our kitchen faucets so we can make the most of the whole sink.  If you are interested in a new kitchen sink, check out our reviews on Composite Granite Sinks or Acrylic Kitchen Sinks.

There are a lot of places both online and offline where you can find a good kitchen faucet. It’s a really saturated market place but for the best value and best products you sometimes have to do a bit of deeper research.

Moen vs Delta Faucets

Moen and Delta are both well known names in the kitchen industry and both specialise in kitchen faucets. There are ongoing debates across forums regarding which is better and people’s opinions are well and truly split. Let’s take a closer look at both of these brands and see what they have to offer.

Moen Kitchen Faucets

Moen vs Delta faucetsMoen’s story begins in 1937 where their founder, Al Moen, set out to design a better water delivery system. From there they went on to start manufacturing kitchen faucets, making improvements and adjustments year on year. In their 80 year history they’ve overcome some incredible challenges and even thrived under difficult conditions.

Behind Moen is a drive for perfection and to offer their customers more. Their goal is to offer great value to everyone by incorporating innovation into their products. As a company they have always shown a willingness to look forward and it’s clear by their range of products.

Nowadays Moen have a varied product selection that has diversified as the company has grown. They’ve been responsible for helping advance the industry and have been instrumental in developing some of the more useful kitchen faucets.

Delta Kitchen Faucets

Delta Faucets ReviewsDelta is in some ways the complete opposite. They’re a completely fresh company and while they don’t have the long history they have come in with a fresh approach and some innovative ideas.

Delta are motivated by three things; water has the power to transform the way people feel every day, there can be magic in simple solutions and innovations flow from human insight. They have molded their company around the needs of their customers and have been striving to give more throughout their history.

Delta too have expanded their product selection and diversified. During this time they haven’t lost any of their quality and they are regarded as one of the best kitchen faucet providers around.

Moen Products vs Delta Products

Moen Faucets ReviewsMoen produces products for the kitchen and bathroom. They design everything from sinks to showers but at the heart of their company is the kitchen faucet. They have hundreds of different varieties available which are separated into styles: traditional, transitional and modern, this choice will be determined by your existing furnishings.

There are countless different variations of style offered by Moen and the selection is vast. They offer 4 different styles of finish on your faucet to help adapt the colouring and protect the piece. These are: Bronze, Matte Black, Spot Resist Stainless and Chrome.

The majority of Moen’s faucets are metal and the whole collection has a modern feel. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing for more traditional homes but it definitely isn’t the focal point.

Delta have a fairly similar selection at face value but their collection does have a different feel to it. There are definitely more striking styles on offer with colouring that appeals to the eye. Again they offer kitchen faucets for modern, traditional or transitional homes and once again the focus seems to be on modern convenience.

Touchless Delta Faucets ReviewsDelta have a greater cross section of products and make products for the kitchen and bathroom. They subdivide their faucets into various collections which makes it easier for those with certain budgets to know where to look.

With Delta’s collection more heed is paid to the features of each faucet and it’s very apparent what each of their models has to benefit the user. There is definitely more choice available with Delta and more variety of different features.

Both these brands have a really wide selection of well created and useful products. The design and style choices along with finishes allow you to keep the design process in your hands. Both of these collections have enough products that you’d certainly be able to find at least a few that fit your style.

Moen Quality vs Delta Quality

Moen Island Kitchen Faucet ReviewsMoen’s quality is well known and the company pride themselves on creating good quality, reliable faucets amongst other things. Moen apply their unique LifeShine finish to their products to help protect the faucets from any corrosion, rust or tarnishing. They incorporate a hydrolock connection system to each of their faucets for faster installation. One of their main focuses is on providing quality to the customer through these innovations and always making sure they get the best.

Delta as a company pride themselves on innovation and this can be seen in all of their products. Over their history they’ve improved upon their products and are now using some of the best metals around to ensure the quality of their products. Delta uses Brilliance finishes on their products to help maintain them for longer. These finishes help protect the faucet from potential staining, tarring or corrosion, giving them a longer life span.

Delta Kitchen Faucet ReviewsBoth Moen and Delta have designed similar products that show how advanced they are. Touch activated hand showers, toilet seat night lights, touch clean faucets and energy efficient solutions can all be seen in both their product ranges, showing their intelligent design qualities.

Moen and Delta are both great quality faucet providers but the edge has to go to Delta. They have more consistent positive feedback from customers and their products are all built to last a long time even under considerable wear and tear.

Moen vs Delta – Final Thoughts

Moen and Delta are both described as top brands for kitchen faucets and it’s clear to see why it’s difficult to choose between them. The companies have a lot of similarities, including their passion to create great kitchen faucets.

Both companies value innovation, style and quality and have built their product ranges to reflect this. While Delta boasts more products and more durable products, Moen has a wider range of technologically advanced products. Overall the companies really are both impressive.

If you’re looking for a good, reliable kitchen faucet then you can’t really go wrong with either. They’re similarly priced so let availability be your deciding factor and go for the style you like the most. Both of these companies know their craft and you won’t be disappointed.  If you are interested in other kitchen product reviews click here!

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