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By admin / June 28, 2017

A Bathroom squeegee is an essential piece of kit if you want a clean bathroom. If you haven’t heard of them before then this is your quick breakdown of what they are and why they’re important. We’ve searched around and found our top 3 picks for the best shower squeegee on the market and the features that put them on the top of our list.

Our Best Shower Squeegee Comparison Table

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to test and use quite a few different shower squeegees, and there are quite a few good options available.  Below you will find a comparison table that outlines our top five picks, along with what material they are made out of, how much they cost, and their Amazon reviews rating.





Stainless Steel 4.7

Stainless Steel 4.8

Stainless Steel 4

Plastic 4.5

Stainless Steel 4.6

What is a Shower Squeegee?

Squeegees are simply cleaners for your shower and bathroom. They’re normally a piece of rubber attached to a handle and can look a little like what you use to scrape ice off your car in winter. They’ve been modernised and adapted with the times so you now get some pretty sleek designs so they don’t stand out in your bathroom.

What do I use a squeegee for?

No matter what time of bathroom or shower you have you’re vulnerable to the buildup of bacteria on the surfaces. This is normally caused by stagnant water. No matter if you have a separate shower unit or bath shower hydrodynamic tension means that the water will never fully drain away. In this still water bacteria and microorganisms develop and an oily film can be created- commonly known as mildew.

Best Shower Squeegee

Tiles are a common design choice for bathrooms but they also absorb a lot of moisture. This in turn can lead to the buildup of bacteria and mould, which can be harmful as well as unsightly.  Along with showers and tiles, I have noticed you can also use it to clean counter tops and vanities alike. 

The buildup of bacteria can happen quickly and the higher the levels the more the risk. If left unchecked this bacteria can cause infections like athlete's foot and other problems. You need to be regularly cleaning your bathroom/shower to stop the spreading of mould or mildew.

How do I use a squeegee?

Squeegees have been produced as the quick, efficient and effective solution to shower cleanliness. All you have to do is drag the squeegee over the surfaces and tiles to remove excess water and prevent all of the mould of mildew building up.

Shower Squeegee Reviews

Unlike cloths or sponges the squeegee will remain clean after it’s been used and will be much more effective at removing the dirt. They’re quick and save on a lot of elbow grease involved in scrubbing, while still giving you great results.

Squeegees are designed to be flexible to be used in a number of difficult to reach areas in your bathroom. They’re easy to clean and take up very little storage, making them practical for any home.

Squeegees are simple, sanitary and stylish, as well as being cost effective. They’re an essential tool for promoting a healthy and hygienic bathroom and shower in your home.

My Top Pick's For The Best Shower Squeegee!

There are a lot of different options available when you’re We’ve identified our top 3 shower squeegees. Each has been designed to benefit your home in a different way and they all have unique features. Let’s take a look at them.

The Kankei Shower squeegee is perfect for showers, bathroom mirrors and glass with it’s smooth easy clean design. Kankei themselves are all about customer satisfaction, building custom products to fit a need and bring value to the customer.

Kankei Shower Squeegee features:

● Rust Proof Squeegee

Built with a zinc handle and a chrome plated wiper the squeegee is resistant to rust, essential for bathroom equipment. Made out of high quality stainless steel it’s made to last a long time, giving you maximum usage.

● Silicone Blade

The replaceable silicone blade is durable and can be used on both sides. This means you’ll get more use out of each blade.

Love-KANKEI Shower Squeegee

● Effective Cleaning

Specially designed to be lightweight and glide over your surfaces, making it simple to clean your bathroom and shower.

● Stylish Features

With matching wall holder the Kankei shower squeegee looks good and will blend into your bathroom.

Kankei User Reviews:

Customer reviews are incredibly positive of the Kankei shower squeegee. Users praise the style of the product and are pleased with how well it’s doing it’s job:

“The wiper itself works really well and clears the water from glass so effectively and makes light work of the task. In addition it looks really good, very well packaged in a box like a luxury item!” - David A.

Criticisms of the Kankei product are generally that it’s more expensive than plastic alternatives. It’s mostly a case of you get what you pay for. While plastic squeegees can do the job, the Kankei squeegee makes cleaning simple. It also has the added bonus of looking good, so you can even keep it on display.

The Kankei shower squeegee is built to help keep your bathroom clean and increase the lifespan of your shower. It’s effective at removing dirt and designed to be attractive, fitting right into your bathroom decor. It’s practical and is a definitely a good option for your shower.

One of the most popular brands around for shower squeegees is OXO. Built to be useful and good looking the OXO shower squeegee can be used on showers, bathroom mirrors and glass. It’s suitable for curved surfaces and glides over the top, giving effortless cleaning.

OXO Shower Squeegee Features

● Durable Blade

The OXO squeegee blade is designed to be resilient and flexible, so it can be used in different areas of your bathroom.

● Comfortable Grip

The soft grip of the OXO shower squeegee is designed so it won’t slip out of your hand, even when wet, and allows you to give an even clean.

● Slim design

The OXO Shower squeegee is designed to be small, but effective. This allows for cleaning in difficult areas and lets you store it without taking up much room.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee

● Suction Cup Holder

The OXO shower squeegee comes with a matching suction cup holder that is easily fitted to your wall, so you can keep the squeegee handy for daily use.

OXO Shower Squeegee Reviews

Reviews of the OXO good grips stainless steel squeegee are overwhelmingly positive:

“This is the most amazing thing I have bought ever! it makes it so fast and easy to wipe the tiles and shower screen off every morning after the shower.” - Derra P.

The design and practicality of the product is what people like the most but the durability of the squeegee is also appreciated. A few critical reviews regard the weight of the product. The product is made of stainless steel to be durable, but if you drop it that means it can chip your bathroom. Be extra careful when cleaning but the good grip shouldn’t let you down.

The OXO Shower Squeegee is built for efficiency. It’s cleaning is better than a lot of other brands and will give a streak free solution to cleaning shower doors. OXO good grip products are known for their style and quality and this product shows that. Definitely a good option for your home to keep the bathroom clean.

The Baban Shower Squeegee is proving a really popular choice and has become one of the most popular squeegees in the world. Built with professional quality, Baban pride themselves on the high quality of their products across the board, giving value to the customer.

Baban Shower Squeegee Features

● Durability and Reliability

Made from stainless steel the Baban shower squeegee is solid and sturdy in your hand. Rubber brushed on the blades means they’re versatile and useful in any bathroom.

● Firm Handle

A firm but comfortable handle is on each of the Baban shower squeegees. Rust proof and water resistant It will prevent you dropping the squeegee when cleaning.

● Rust Proof

Created from a zinc alloy the Baban shower squeegee is resistant to rust, essential for a bathroom product.

● Hanging Hook

A matching metal hanging hook comes with the Baban shower squeegee. It’s easily attached to your bathroom wall and looks stylish to match existing home decor.

Baban Shower Squeegee User Reviews

Customers seem pleased with their Baban shower squeegees as they’re providing a simple solution to mould and mildew problems.

“This is a high quality unit and I felt it was worth the extra money to invest in one that I didn't have to replace in a month! It is not only beautiful to look at but the perfect squeegee tool for the shower” - Peter W.

Despite most people being very pleased with their purchase some people think that the Baban squeegee is expensive for what it is. Ultimately if you’re serious about keeping the moisture off your surfaces and your shower clean then you need to get a product that will work continuously. It might cost a little more but the results will speak for themselves.

Overall the Baban shower squeegee scores very highly with customers who see the value in the design and look of the product.

The Baban shower squeegee is showing exactly why it’s worth spending a little more for a product that will last. The materials and craftsmanship make the squeegee one of the most durable around, with easy even wiping to remove moisture from your surfaces. The stainless steel gives a good quality look, definitely check them out when buying a squeegee.

My Final Thoughts on the Best Shower Squeegees

By now I hope you appreciate the usefulness of a squeegee in the home for keeping the bathroom clean and hygienic. It’s one of the most effective cleaning tools on the market for showers and it’s definitely worth you getting one.

All 3 of these products are good quality squeegees that will do the job well. They’re made well and should last a long time, making them a better investment than cheap plastic alternatives. For the best results use the squeegee every day and no bacteria, dirt, mould or mildew will be allowed to build up. Each of these squeegees will be effective and will let you keep your shower as clean as possible.

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